Q and A With RemixedCat

Hobbies:Science/Computers/Cats!/Graphics/Gaming/Architecture/Music/Cooking/Asian Cultures/Anime/CGI/Dancing/Traveling/Geeking out/Astronomy/Animals/Nature/Cosplay/

Favorite Foods: Asian/Salads/Ice cream/Chocolate!/Seafood/

Fav Time of day: Evening/Night

Favorite Games :Oblivion/Fallout3/AssAssin's creed/Half life series/Portal/Final fantasy games/MMOs/RPGs/RTS/Sauerbraten map editing/

Favorite animal:Cats/Reptiles/

Fav Season:Winter/Fall

Fav Music: Trance/J-Pop/K-Pop/J-Tek/Dance/NRG/Euro-Dance/Wierd stuff/

Fav weather: Overcats(meow!)/Rainy/Storms!

Fav clothing style: Raver/Harajuku/Funky/Futuristic/Lolita

And what you do not like:

Hated foods: Italian high calorie foods/Breads/Most american food

hated time of day: Mornings when I can't sleep

Hated Games: Ninendo wii games/Baby games/Games with no freedom/Alot of EA Games/Sonic games lately

hated season: Summer (becuase I'm heat sensitive)

Hated music: Country/mainstream pop music/Rap/Oldies that are too squeaky

Hated weather: Overly constant sunny days

Hated clothing style: what celebs are wearing as of 01/Feb/09/ 80's clothes/jeans/"professional clothing"

System Specs: AMD Phenom X4 9550/Nvidia 8800GT GPU 1GB/2GB RAM/500GB HD/Windows Server 2008 x64 Enterprise Workstation-XPSP3 dual boot