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My intense day

we went to king's island on august 6th, 2010.

the drive there to the place was smooth and uneventful. we did see a few LOLz.

when we got there the price was pretty high (USD50) but we went anyways since we drove 4.5 hours to go there.

we started with a really light ride called the monster, it was a little fun warmup, then us three went on adventure express, and we kinda enjoyed it, but my sister got her neck injured on that ride.

we took her to the first aid center, I had to guide her there becuase her legs were numb and her neck hurted really badly. and they asked us a few questions about her situation, we told them that she got injured on the ride, and they had her resting in thier little "school nurses office" like infirmiry type place.

me and hubby were deciding what to do and were confused, but we went to ride more rides to ease our tension and we wanted to se if she would just need to lie down for a while and get better and ride more rides with us.

we went on th…

Brick in a washing machine!