My intense day

we went to king's island on august 6th, 2010.

the drive there to the place was smooth and uneventful. we did see a few LOLz.

when we got there the price was pretty high (USD50) but we went anyways since we drove 4.5 hours to go there.

we started with a really light ride called the monster, it was a little fun warmup, then us three went on adventure express, and we kinda enjoyed it, but my sister got her neck injured on that ride.

we took her to the first aid center, I had to guide her there becuase her legs were numb and her neck hurted really badly. and they asked us a few questions about her situation, we told them that she got injured on the ride, and they had her resting in thier little "school nurses office" like infirmiry type place.

me and hubby were deciding what to do and were confused, but we went to ride more rides to ease our tension and we wanted to se if she would just need to lie down for a while and get better and ride more rides with us.

we went on the beast as well and I can tell yah it would have killed my sister. as frail as she is. it would have produced a worse situation with her neck then the first one would have. The ride was very fun though.

we went on another small coaster and then found "the crypt" an indoor ride that we did not know what it did, and we thought it would be more fun that way being a mystery.

Then sam texted us and told us that she was gonna be taken to the hospital and we were very worried about her and we also did not want her to leave without us becuase she had the car keys and we did not wannna be stranded there, also my purse and the stuff we needed were in the car. This added with the dark atmosphere of the crypt made me a tad nervous. it did interfere a bit from the enjoyment of the ride though. the ride was fun but I was nervous about sam needing to go to the hospital.

Then we got off of it and went back to the first aid unit and we signed some witness statement papers and she was taken to west chester medical center. we saw her off and she said they took a long time to get her an ambulance. they seemed very scattered and foot-dragging. but they did get her there.

we started to draw up plans for staying overnight and we were annoyed that the cellphone had low battery life. we had a plan though so it would have worked. but we just decided that we would ride more rides to ease
our tension. and we payed a lot to come here and we wanted to wait to see what the hospital would find out.

we rode an indoor ride that was setup like an area51 type place and the line was extremely long (we waited close to 45 minutes) and you would walk though a ufo to get to the coaster and it was funny becuase the guy told the people riding that "I need you to scream for me" and they launched the coaster and they sure did scream. it was funny, then we went on and it was really fast. it was the world's fastest indoor coaster and
we prolly went upside down at least 3-4 times. it was pitck back in most parts and it was really compressed loops and stuff it was awesome though. it was the most intense ride in the whole park.

after that we went on the racer since it was on the way to another coaster, then we rode the other one and it
was fun. after that we were got a text message to pick sam up from the hospital and we scrambled to pick her up.

it took us forever just to get out of the park. then we fired up the gps and we had to approximate becuse the hospital wasn't on the gps since it was newer then the data that was on it. so I got us to the general area
where the two needed streets intersected. it got us there pretty well.

we got there to expect her in a bed, needing taken home, but she was in the waiting room and we were shocked.

she was sitting there in a crappy chair miserable and pissed. we got a nurse to come out but she was saying that they couldn't do anything and she kept giving us stupid answers to any questions we had. she brought out some other people and we could not get any results, we wanted to know exacly what was wrong and they were saying absolutely nothing was wrong with her when her legs were almost completly numb and her grip was very weak and she had other multiple problems. They tried to give us excuses and none of them would even give us a reason to treat her nuerves when it obviously was the problem. they were all cold and airheaded about the whole thing. we had to fight to get her vicodin. they only would have given her a muscle relaxer which would not help her pain at all. so we got her vicodin and grudingly left and got her to
walgreens. we also got her a neck brace there becuase they wouldn't give her one since they said they did not have any there to give anyone.

Oh and this hospital does not have an MRI machine accessible beyond normal business hours. so they couldn't

give her one. she needed to be examined further and they would refuse to becuse they made excuses why and they said they don't have this, they don't have that, yadda yadda. Look if you are going to be a hospital you need to have these things, the ghetto hospitals in my area have MRI accessible 24 hours a day.

so we proceeded to drive home and the gps was being funny as usual, but helped us anyways. it was funny to se

it suggest us to use two roads at once and even showed loopbacks of the second road we were supposed to be
taking in addition to I 70E. it was funny. then it showed it's beautiful arrows again everywhere LOL. It loves arrows.

then I was really starting to show the symptoms of not sleeping for 48 hours prior to this. I was going on and on.

I was talking about bacon's dominiation of the world, Russia and the chernobyl extra limbed people and how the deer have 47.4 heads and 74.4 legs. and the more limbs the better. I told everyone that I77S never wanted us to leave her and she would make our trip down that road extra long, and it was! I was then goofing off more and making no sense and then we finally got home.