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Restaurant Rants - Chuck e Cheese - Where a gown up can be an ???

Chuck e Cheese - Where a gown up can be a???

Ok cats n kittens. I got something really wierd to show you.

Chuck e cheese (for those that do not know) is a "restaurant" that's geared towards kids and has pizza,, games, and anamatronic characters such as a rat, bird, munch, and some other creatures. They often "perform" music acts and entertain the kids. There's also arcade games that spit out tickets. You cna use those to buy "prizes" at the end that are often way overpriced compared to getting them in the store. Anyways. They also serve beer to adults so they can mellow out while the munchkins run around. This last element has caused a stir and some adults have gotten into fights over little tommy taking little mikey's tickets and all kinds of hell breaks loose as a result. The parents get primal and go ape over little things or they get tired of all the kids screaming it grinds them down and they look for trouble.

I've posted a sampling of Y…

Restaurant rants: Eat Chow and get some new threads?

If you run out of napkins just grab a shirt on the rack!

Ok this is prolly gonna take the cake for the wierdest restaurant of this year. Eat Chow is a place that's built into a clothing store. Yes there's this Bel Bambini clothing store that halfway sorta shares the space? There's a section that people sit if they don't have any seats left in the actual cafe part that's in the aisles where the clothes are! What if the store people see the people smearing food on the clothes? o_O Not a good mix of stuff to have!

How does someone even pull that off... I would understand if it's a big place like Khols or JCPenney or Gabes but they are both smaller places and the clothing store is also tiny so it's not like it's a food attraction to a big store for the store's customers. This is really wierd.

I hope that someone can explain this to me because this doesn't make any sense to both. 

Update!!! here's another pic from Google Maps Street View and i…