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RemixedCat's ultimate Hands-Up List!

Here's my ultimate list of the best Hands-Up tracks that I love!!!

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Discuss those here as well....

I've also added the year and the duration as well....

1-1,2,3 Keep the Spirit Alive-Jan Wayne feat. Danielle-3:33-2003
2-2nd Star (Masterblaster Remix)-M2B-3:32-2004
5-Hurricane(Rob Mayth Remix Edit-Alex Megane-3:50-2005
6-Girl (Uhh Uhh Yeah Yeah)-Aquagen-3:30-2004
7-Runaway-Groove Coverage-3:07-2005
8-Damn! (Remember the time)-Baracuda-3:34-2003
9-Baby I Love Your Way (Flashrider Remix)-Partycheckerz-2:59-2005
10-Heres Comes That Sound-Bass-T-3:44-2002
11-B-B-Baby (Kiss Me and Repeat)-Mandy & Randy-4:06-2005
12-My First Love (Alex Megane Mix-Belushi-3:36-2004
13-Everytime We Touch-Cascada-3:18-2005
14-Bad 4 Good-Marco Larusso-3:48-2005
15-devil in disguise-aycan-3:20-2…

More Windows Server 2012 Screenshots


Windows Server 2012 Screenshots and preview

I finally got access to test Server 2012 and I am mixed on it. However I used to not like metro so much but it's kinda growing on me.... However, I wish that MS let us have backgrounds on the Server 2012 start screen it kinda feels nekkid... LOL...

well here's my screen shots:

The server manager Interface is kinda neat, but the red makes it like you go POUND THE ALARM!!! or something.... LOL

And... here's the new task manager... pretty neat and I like the "heat maps"

The UI isn't that bad looking actually.... 
I just wish you can change fonts.... :-(
I will be writing more about this soon. 

Ghostly and pretty building!

This is a very cool building!!! it looks ghostly and pretty..... this would look so nice on a rainy or snowy day....

This is the place: Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim
credit goes to the following:

Balcony cups!!

These are so cool! I would do that with my balcony too!

Remixedcat's wallpapers!!!

Please click here to access This one is my latest

These are some previews: