RemixedCat's ultimate Hands-Up List!

Here's my ultimate list of the best Hands-Up tracks that I love!!!

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I've also added the year and the duration as well....

1-1,2,3 Keep the Spirit Alive-Jan Wayne feat. Danielle-3:33-2003
2-2nd Star (Masterblaster Remix)-M2B-3:32-2004
5-Hurricane(Rob Mayth Remix Edit-Alex Megane-3:50-2005
6-Girl (Uhh Uhh Yeah Yeah)-Aquagen-3:30-2004
7-Runaway-Groove Coverage-3:07-2005
8-Damn! (Remember the time)-Baracuda-3:34-2003
9-Baby I Love Your Way (Flashrider Remix)-Partycheckerz-2:59-2005
10-Heres Comes That Sound-Bass-T-3:44-2002
11-B-B-Baby (Kiss Me and Repeat)-Mandy & Randy-4:06-2005
12-My First Love (Alex Megane Mix-Belushi-3:36-2004
13-Everytime We Touch-Cascada-3:18-2005
14-Bad 4 Good-Marco Larusso-3:48-2005
15-devil in disguise-aycan-3:20-2006
16-I Wont Let You Down-Sunfactor Feat Eileen-3:28-2002
17-Face 2 Face-Future Trance United-4:03-2003
18-Moonlight Shadow (Rocco Remix)-Groove Coverage-3:02-2002
19-Fly on the Wings of Love-Topmodelz-3:56-2002
20-Flying High-Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T-3:08-2005
21-Highway To The Sky (Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T Remix)-Klubbingman-3:16-2003
22-Generation Of Love (Rave Remix)-Rocco-3:45-2003
23-fly on the wings-pvs-3:03-2006
24-Everybody S Free-Aquagen Feat Rozalla-3:32-2002
25-trouble-2 Vibez-3:18-2004
26-Here I Am-Special D.-2:54-2005
27-Ive Been Thinking About You-Damae feat. Londonbeat-3:16-2004
28-God is a Girl-Groove Coverage-3:36-2002
29-million miles from home-akira-3:05-2006
30-Let it Be Love-Peat Jr & Fernando-3:37-2006
31-My Heart Goes Up-Keira Green-3:02-2004
32-Stars 2002-Mental Theo-3:09-2002
33-Goin' Crazy (Rocco vs. Bass-T-Hardbody Babes-3:02-2003
34-Hypnotic Tango-Master Blaster-2:56-2003
36-Move Your Feet (Pulsdriver Single Mix)-Klubbdriver-3:06-2005
37-Technoromance (Pulsedriver Rad-Floorfilla-3:43-2003
38-Time To Wonder(Brooklyn Bounce Retro Mix)-DJs @ Work-3:55-2002
39-Why don't you Dance with me-4 Clubbers-3:06-2003
40-Here I Am-Patrick Bunton-2:58-2005
41-Star (Cansis Remix Radio Edit)-Daniel Hope-3:27-2008
42-The Riddle (Topmodelz Edit)-Marco van Bassken-3:25-2008
43-Jumping love (Radio Edit)-Chris Bates-3:35-2008
44-see me feel me-scooter-4:07-2006
45-The Whistle Song [Short Mix]-Pulsedriver-3:38-2006
46-When The Rain Begins To Fall (Extended)-Age Pee-5:28-2005
47-Force Of Nature-Groove Coverage-3:05-2003
48-The One and Only (Topmodelz Radio Cut)-Mario Lopez-3:45-2008
49-Whe Youre Looking Like That (Rob Mayth Edit)-Topmodelz-3:32-2008
50-Ritmo De La Noche (Rocco Vs. Bass-T Rmx Edit)-Nimbus-3:14-2007
51-The Rhythm Of The Night (Mad Summer Radio Edit)-Verano-3:07-2008
52-Love u more (Topmodelz Edit)-Speakerz-3:42-2007
53-Find Your Way-Jens O-3:10-2007
54-Your Heart Keeps Burning (White Bunny RMX Edit)-Lazard-3:52-2006
55-Dont Fade Away 2008-Gambas & Alvaro-3:51-2007
56-A Step Too Far (Original Radio Edit)-Refresh-3:05-2008
57-Walking a Line (Kindervater Rmx Edit)-Cane-3:23-2007
58-The Last Unicorn (Cansis Remix Edit)-Double Inc.-3:50-2008
59-You wanted Love (Radio Edit)-2 Vibez-3:10-2007
60-All I Want-Liz Meyer-3:38-2008
61-Because I Love You-Groove Coverage-3:10-2007
62-The Music (Kindervater Radio Mix).Mp3-Ultra Dj’s-2:59-2007
63-Tell Me Why I'm Crying Out (Rocco & Bass-T Remix Cut)-Stylerockerz-3:20-2008
65-Everytime You Need Me-Kindervater Feat. Nadja-2:52-2007
66-Never Stop this Feeling (Rocco and Bass-T Rmx Edit)-Klubbingman-3:36-2007
67-Heart To Heart (Original mix)-Rob Mayth-4:51-2008
68-You Came (Single Mix)-Future Trance United pres. Cream-3:04-2008
69-Sleeping Satelite (K La Cuard Edit)-KLC feat. Michelle-3:32-2008
70-Your Love-Topmodelz-3:09-2007
71-In The Air Tonight-Salty Fish-3:49-2008
72-If I Were You-Central Seven-3:26-2007
73-When Love Becomes A Lie-Liz Kay-3:05-2007
74-Let It Be-Groove Coverage-3:33-2006
75-all out of love-keira green-3:12-2006
76-Hymn-Age Pee-3:28-2006
77-Have You Ever Been Mellow (Manox Edit)-Topmodelz-3:46-2008
78-In The Shadows (dj gollum edit)-A.Spencer vs Dj Gollum-3:53-2008
79-What Do You Want From Me-Cascada-3:15-2008
80-Just A Girl (Megara Vs. DJ Lee Remix Cut)-Ian Van Dahl-3:57-2006
81-Bass, Beat & Melody Reloaded! (Rocco & Bass-T Remix Edit)-Brooklyn Bounce-3:03-2010
82-Hold Me Tonight (Radio Mix)-Manian-2:51-2008
83-Promise This (Jorg Schmid Remix)-Cheryl Cole-5:10-2010
84-We Are Alive (DJ Novus ft Grooveriders Remix)-Buzzy-3:33-2008
85-Come Clean (Zooland Bootleg Radio Mix)-Master Blaster-3:57-2009
86-Rhythm Of Love (Original Radio Edit)-DJ Sequenza-3:02-2010
87-Jumping So High (Rocco & Bass-T Radio Edit)-DJ Zkydriver-3:06-2010
88-Hit The Floor (Radio Edit)-Big Bass Inc.-2:52-2009
89-Set Me Free (Rocco & Bass-T Radio Edit)-N-Trance-3:18-2009
90-Worlds Collide (Cc.K meets Klubbingman Remix Edit)-Bootleggerz-3:42-2009
91-When You're Looking Like That (Backslash vs. Mikkas Edit)-Topmodelz-3:26-2008
92-I Turn To You (DJ Gollum Remix Edit)-Empyre One feat. Scarlet-3:23-2008
93-Temple Of Dreams 2010 (Cc.K Tribute To Ft Remix)-Future Breeze Vs. Scoone & Delore-3:19-2010
94-Every Little Move-Jens O Vs. Ti-Mo-3:48-2009
95-Starry Eyed Girl (Manox Remix)-Ultrabeat-3:07-2009
96-Superstar (Empyre One Edit)-Pulsedriver-3:32-2010
97-Feelings Of My Heart (Giorno´s Jump Remix Bass-T Dub Radio Edit)-Emvace feat. Tierra-3:09-2009
98-Loops & Tings (Pulsedriver Edit)-Mike Nero-3:45-2008
99-L'amour Toujours (Jan Wayne Vs. Dj. Gollum Remix)-Jan Wayne Presents Marco Lovei And Dvz-5:02-2011
100-Give Me Your Sign (Radio Edit)-Rocco & Bass-T Feat. Juve-3:23-2011
101-Heartbeat-Punk Freakz-3:15-2009
102-Take on Me (DJ Gollum Remix)-Topmodelz-3:36-2009
103-Love will raise again (Kindervater Edit)-2 Vibez feat. Dee Dee-3:56-2009
104-Rock The Bass (Megara Vs. DJ Lee Remix Edit)-DJ Roxx-2:55-2009
105-Disco Pogo (Rocco & Bass-T Edit)-Die Atzen-3:46-2010
106-Touch Me (Pulsedriver Vs. Frank Raven Edit)-Funky Chicos-3:24-2010
107-Megabounce (Original Radio Mix)-Brooklyn Bounce Vs. Megastylez-3:16-2010
108-Everywhere-Master Blaster-3:19-2009
109-Love Is On Fire-Italobrothers-3:24-2010
110-Lost In Love 2010-Kid Kawaii-3:53-2010
111-Players In A Frame (In Frame Mix Edit)-Rocco & Bass-T-4:01-2010
112-Until The End-Master Blaster-3:27-2010
113-Every You, Every Me (DJ THT Radio Edit)-Criss Sol-3:11-2009
114-Our Generation-Rocco & Bass-T-3:26-2010
115-Tom's Diner (Rocco & Bass-T Remix Cut)-Dirty Impact-3:27-2010
116-What Is Love 2K9 (Cansis Remix Edit)-Klaas meets. Haddaway-3:10-2009
117-Another Day Another Night (Original Mix Edit)-DJ Klubbingman feat. Beatrix Delgado-3:28-2009
118-Another World (Pulsedriver Edit)-Mario Lopez-3:31-2009
119-Never Talk Again-Rocco & Bass-T-3:33-2010
120-Turn the Beat Around (Djs from Mars Remix)-Toby Stuff, Stee Wee Bee-5:52-2010
121-Groove Is The Rule (Radio Edit)-Commercial Club Crew-3:52-2011
122-On the Radio (Hardcharger vs. Aurora & Toxic Remix)-Kompulsor-5:31-2012
123-Everything About You (DJ THT Remix)-Tribune-5:01-2012
124-Non Non Non (the Real Booty Babes Edit)-Lolita Jolie-3:00-2012
125-Friday Nights-Jens O.-2:52-2012
126-Little White Lies (DJ Tht Edit)-Tale & Dutch Vs. Adassa-3:48-2011
127-Love Divided-Kimura & Tube Tonic-3:13-2012
128-Adrenalized-Luengo & Diaz Feat. Tommy Clint-3:42-2012
129-Love is Everywhere (Girno Edit)-Max K.-3:34-2012
130-Falling Stars-Stefan Rio-3:31-2012
131-Taking Over the Dancefloor (Dan Winter Remix)-Slin Project & René de la Moné-5:41-2012
132-Take Back the Dancefloor-Megastylez-3:40-2012
133-One More Time (DJ Tht Vs. Ced Tecknoboy Edit)-Bodybangers Feat. Carlprit & Linda Teodosiu-3:50-2011
134-The Music (Rocco Vs Bass-T RMX Edit)-Marc Lime & K Bastian Feat Ben Ivory-3:34-2011
135-Could it Be Love (Empyre One Edit)-Justin Corza & Greg Blast Meets Addicted Craze-3:34-2011
136-Tease Me, Please Me(DJ Tnt & Van Snyder Remix)-Andrew Spencer-3:52-2012
137-Body and Soul-Jens O.-2:50-2011
138-2 Times (Klubbingman Remix)-Love Unite-3:34-2011
139-Angel Eyes (Commercial Club Crew Remix Edit)-Escon-4:05-2011
140-La Luna 2012 (Cansis Vs. Spaceship Edit)-Commercial Club Crew-3:43-2012
141-Wonderful Days 2k12 (Rocco & Bass-T Edit)-Franky Tunes-3:17-2012
142-Alone Again-Dual Playaz-3:32-2012
143-Like that (Topmodelz Edit)-David Redfiled Feat. Kool-3:20-2012
144-Superhero-Rocco & Bass-T-3:43-2012
145-So Obvious [Radio Edit]-Vibeout-3:43-2012
146-Find My Way (Topmodelz Edit)-Pulsedriver-3:32-2011
147-Wild ones (Smithee remix)-Club Madness-3:45-2012
148-Heartbroken (Empyre One Edit)-Halliday-3:47-2012
149-Holy Ground-Rocco & Bass-T Vs. Redtzer-3:48-2011
150-Shooting Stars-Kindervater-3:20-2012
151-You're my everything (clubhunter extended mix)-Dj Hyo-4:36-2012
152-New Tomorrow (Hands Up Radio Edit)-A Friend In London Vs. Crystal Lake-3:07-2012
153-Stuck on Replay (DJ Tht Remix)-Kris Mctwain-3:43-2012
154-Summer of Love (Ryan T. & Rick M. Edit)-Cascada-3:17-2012
155-Welcome to the Club (Jan Wayne Remix)-DJ Ella Feat. Ricky J-4:54-2012
156-Drive By (DJ Gollum Club Remix)-Danceboy vs Cary August-5:39-2012
157-I Wanna (Dj Hyo Vs. Discoduck Extended Mix)-Dj Hyo-4:42-2012
158-Hands Up-Clubhunter-3:55-2012
159-To Nowhere (Addicted Craze Remix Edit)-Sam Walkertone Feat. Lyssa Lilneaux-3:32-2011
160-Stay with me (hard3eat remix edit)-Nova Scotia feat. Aj-3:33-2012
161-Autumn Shine-Manox-3:41-2012
162-Famous (Pulsedriver's Oldschool Flavour Mix)-DJ Stardust and Benjamin Zane, Pit Bailay-5:15-2012
163-My Emotion-Hennes Petersen-4:37-2012
164-Not Gonna Save The World (Cc.K. Edit)-Cc.K Meets Scoon & Delore-3:55-2012
165-When Will I (Dj Klubbingman Remix)-Dj Fait-5:48-2012
166-We Shine (Jorg Schmid Remix)-Alex Saidac-5:20-2012
167-Here I Go (Redtzer Remix Edit)-Damn-R-3:39-2012
168-Come Dance With Me (DJ Tht Extended Mix)-Vergiluv Vs. Bounce Bro & Van Snyder-4:43-2012
169-Trash the Club (Pulsedriver Oldschool Flavour Remix)-Aligator-4:58-2012
170-Word Up (MaLu Project Remix)-Trashfunk Rockerz-5:09-2012
171-Crazy People (Dancefloor Kingz Remix)-Summerville-4:40-2012
172-Falling in Love (Ced Tecknoboy Radio Edit)-Basslovers United Feat. L.I.M.-3:46-2012
173-The Rhythm Of The Night (Ryan T & Rick M Remix Edit)-Cascada-3:59-2012
174-Another Night 2k12 (Radio Edit)-Rob Mayth-3:43-2012
175-Moonlight Shadow 2k12 (DJ THT Edit)-Empyre One-3:31-2012
177-Crazy (Original Mix)-Club Crusherz!-4:25-2012
178-Melody (DJ Klubbingman Meets Raindropz! Remix)-Clark Owen-6:06-2012
179-Can't Stop My Love (AlexKea feat. RainDropz! Remix)-Clubraiders feat. Adline Owens-5:05-2012
180-Love Is No Game (DJ THT Remix)-Sam G. feat. Sera-5:30-2012
181-Get On The Dancefloor (Club Edit)-N-Vision ft Mattyjandro-3:13-2012
182-World In Our Hands (Xtra J Remix)-Ocean-3:54-2012
183-Lights (Kromax Extended Mix)-Other Ego-5:37-2012
184-DJ Aflame (Cc.K remix)-Manuel Lauren-4:40-2012
185-She Wouldn't Leave me ( Danstyle )-CJ Livermore-5:08-2012
186-Play The Girl (Jammin' the **** Club remix)-Tao Hypah-5:00-2012
187-You Make My Dreams (Marc Hill Feat. E-Hunterz Remix)-Angel Beats Meets DJ Merlin-5:44-2012
188-Mr Big Boom (Club mix)-BASADOR-4:23-2012
189-Letz Dance (Silver Nikan Remix)-D-Block & S-Te-Fan-5:58-2012
190-Hurry Up (Tronix DJ Bootleg Mix)-DJ Barbas-5:21-2012
191-Love In Stereo (G! Mix Edit)-Giorno-3:03-2012
192-Jambo Jambo Jambo (Dan Winter Edit)-Godlike Music Port-3:29-2012
193-Hello You (Vanilla Kiss Remix Radio Edit)-Marc Hill feat. S-Tream!-3:22-2012
194-Gangnam Style (Crystal Lake Remix)-PSY-2:38-2012
195-Bubble Up (Danceboy Remix)-Gummibär-5:37-2012
196-Non Non Non (the Real Booty Babes Edit)-Lolita Jolie-3:00-2012