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Bing Maps might kill google. they now have streetview!

I am amazed at bing maps right now. They got street view (limited locations) but its much better then googles.  Its all nicer quality and the transitions are smooth. OMG this is how mapping should be. Gimmie this for a GPS! You gotta go the the new bing maps, then install Silverlight.

Here's a screenshot of it in action! This is one of my fav buildings. The Stata Center at MIT.

I can't wait to see more areas mapped. the imagery is fantastic. and the images are 3d objects instead of a flat 360 image like google.

I have always thought and known that navteq based systems have better routing engines then google has now. google is based off a seemingly bad teleatlas update, and they augmented that with thier streetview data and it is a bit of a mess, specially for the areas I traverse. This will make it a winning combination. google should cower in fear!

I am totally rooting for bing here. The animations and transitions between areas are awesome and fun. The map smoothly scales a…