About Me

Quick Info

I like cats.

fav season: winter and fall

fav music: see profile

fav foods: chinese,salads,pasta,ice cream,cake,and more

fav time of day: evening

fav anime: too many to list

fav people: my husband and family

fav animal: cats and reptiles

fav place: alot of them

fav tech company: nvidia, amd, sandisk, bethesda softworks, irrlicht engine programmers, vmware, EMC, inetu, cloudflare,netgear,j-river, Inrix Traffic,Cisco Meraki

Fav Software: Windows Server, vmware, Google Chrome, PRTG by Paessler, Amped Wifi Analytics Jriver Media Jukebox

unfav music: new whiny country and classic rock

unfav foods: gas station store food

unfav time of day: mornings when I can't sleep

unfav people: mean people, fake people, people who hate animals or kids

unfav place: nashville, cary nc, akron oh, lebanon tn,