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Beware of Fashion Nova

I found an item I liked. I carefully looked at the size chart. [size] was good for me, with even an inch or two for aunt flo's visit. They looked super sexy. Nice new faux leather pants for fall. Yeet! Put in the order on the 5th of sept after a decent discount, and waited a while for the tracking #. 4 days to be exact. For having “2 business days” That’s a long time. Oh well.

12th rolls by and I finally got it. Was super excited and I immediately went to try it on and it’s about 5-6 inches too small. I can juuuuust get the pants on and that’s it. No breathing room and the top part of the waistband looks different than the pic. Also was really thin elastic at the top that would cut you open if you moved wrong! To top it off both pairs have a really nasty run that goes clear across one of the legs horizontally. Ugh!

For paying 40 bucks for 2 pairs I am pretty mad. I waited a long time and paid good money.

I go to email them on their site and I get a response saying that they need p…