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Fusion japanese steakhouse review for 12.13.11

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to ████ ████ ████ ██████ █████ ████!

Uncensor This

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Texas Roadhouse review for 12.11.11

Texas Roadhouse review for 12.11.11

We walked in and were seated promptly and taken care of pretty fast. The look of the place is neat, it's dark, has lots of country type décor, it's more rowdy then Longhorn Steakhouse, and it has peanuts you can throw on the floor. The shells on the floor were a nice touch LOL.

I got a portabella chicken meal and it came with 2 sides. I ordered a loaded baked potato and a salad.

My salad was crisp and fresh and has eggs and cheese and ranch dressing. My loaded baked potato was really good. Came pretty loaded.

The Portabella chicken was really good, but not as good as Longhorn Steakhouse. It had a decent consistancy and tasted really good. The Sauce was strong, but good. The shrooms were not as cheesey and they werent as big.

My hubby had the same thing and his was good. Instead of a salad he had house fries and they were ok.

Our service was decent.. not the friendliest, but adequate. Not much to report on it... she did the job. They were really busy so that's allright.

The price was 21 bucks and some odd change for 2 people. (we had another party of 2 with us, however they paid separately).

I would say for the food taste, the atmoshphere, and the service, I will give it 4.5 stars.  

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Time for Tech--->What headphones do you recommend?

I get asked this question a lot.... here's a quick answer:

 I recomend pioneer, senhieser, and kilpsch and jvc headphones

for regular heaphones JVC FLats are very good cheap 12 dollar headphones and they are at wal-marts.... I have a pair and they are small, but have a little islolation becuase they have a little cup over the part of your ear. They even fit in one of my smaller purses.

stay away from skullcandy they got terrible sound and are very easy to blow. my lil bro has some curcum-aurals from them and they blew out really quick. they grind and sound like crap with bass. he has 2 pairs and one of them are non-blown out but they still sound like crap I gotta turn up the volume all the way to hear anything and it sounds muddy and grindy with HUGE high freq. cutoff. and the low range sounds boomy.

for regular heaphones all around sehnieser, and JVC are good picks.

starter list: IEMs:

Pioneer SE-CL721-H 3.5mm Connector In-Ear DJ Inspired Stereo Headphones
Sennheiser CX 215 3.5mm Connector Ear-Canal Headphone
Klipsch Image S3 3.5mm Connector In-Ear Rebel Red Nosie-Isolating Earphones W/ Oval Ear-tips

starter list: supra-aural (cupping but not covering the whole ear):

Sennheiser HD 219 3.5mm Connector On-Ear Noise Dampening Headphone
JVC HA-S150 FLATS Lightweight Headphones
Sennheiser HD 229 3.5mm Connector On-Ear Versatile-Use Stereo Headphone

Start List: Clip Ons

Sennheiser - Earbud Headphones w/ Volume controls (OMX 180)
JVC HA-EB75 (Black) Sports ear clip headphone

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restaurant rants---->golden corral and the.....

whee fun post here!!!!

golden corral the nasties buffet place ever..... wait for it...... wait for it.....

has a chocolate fountain!!!!

what the community has to say about it:

seriously..... some kid's gonna stick thier hands in gravy and mashed taters and pick thier nose and then dip thier fingers in this stuff and everyone else gets a more protein and more "enhancement" with thier chocolate!!!!

and don't they have a superivisor for it??? fuggedaboutit. 

eww of the ever award.

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Time for Tech--->Firefox 11 Nightly is out!

 Firefox 11 nightly is out! So is Firefox 8 release version

Please click here to get the 8.0 release version of firefox

Since there is new versions these addons shall work with the latest versions, as I patched these to work up to 20.0.... hoping that these will tide you over for at least 6 months... LOL. 

Please let me know if 8.0 breaks anything and I shall take a look into it. Thank you!

I have patched these addons to work with the latest firefox versions.

This section will update very frequently and feature more as I see the need.

to use:
open firefox and go to addons> "install add-on from file" find modified .xpi>enjoy

Please click here to get Firefox 11 nightly (Tinderbox Build)

I have patched the following add-ons to work with it seemlessly:

Context Search--->
Screen Capture Elite--->
imgur uploader--->
Yet another Smooth Scrolling--->

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Time for Tech--->Can nintendo be saved?

A popular Japanese-based game console company is facing new competitors as well as old adversaries in the game industry. It releases a new console product with with some revolutionary features. But despite the superiority of the product, the general public decides to move to other platforms, even when the company cuts the price of the console drastically.

They also keep releasing new DS's over and over. the original DS, the DS lite, the DSi, and now the 3DS.  The wii has little hardcore games.

 launch day wii owner here and my wii is now collecting dust.

most of the games were gimmacky and cheap feeling.

very few hardcore games were made for the wii. I own 8 games and I have no interest in playing them anymore. they wore out quick,

the one I got the most enjoyment out of was elebits and zelda twlight princess. the rest I didn't care for that much.

sonic and the secret rings was fun but tiring... the motion controls were broken on it and it was rushed I think. had great music and visuals though.

dewy's adventure was very cute and nice but it felt like a pinball game and just got annoying.

super mario galaxy was awesome too but i'm tired of mario games. too predictable for me.

I think if nintendo would have made the wii in HD and had better games as a result they wouldn't be faced with these financial issues.

also nintendo is very closed with thier deve platforms the devs don't have full access to the hardware and software as much as nintendo  themselves does. they lock things down quite a bit.

also if nintendo would make a gaming tablet that would help them out. it would have the motion features, nvidia tegra hardware or better, and run android or a custom version of windows 8 or something it would be nice. but android would be better, as they can get into more devices that way since lots of people have droids.  I would get a gaming tablet if one had as good graphics or better then the machine I have as well as good battery life.

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Remixedcat's Restaurant Response report 2010-2012 Released!

Remixedcat's Restaurant Response report  2010-2012 has been released!

This is a measure of select chain restaurants on how they perform with local location contacting corporate response time on official website feedback and resolving issues!

This is the first category--->Casual Sit-Down chains

The following companies are reviewed:

Longhorn SteakHouse
Ponderosa SteakHouse
Ryan's Buffet
Western Sizzlin

Please note this does not reflect the quality of the restaurant. This is just for response time and a measure of service only.

A detailed master report will be released next month encompassing all the yummy or nasty details of the food quality.

Please click here to access the .pdf file or please click here (print friendly) click here (pretty one) to access a .png file

Thank you for visiting and we hope that the report is infomative and helpful!

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Longhorn steakhouse review for 10.23.11

Longhorn steakhouse review for 10.23.11

we drove a long time (almost 2 hours from our current location) to go here.... welll we had a business trip over here and it's almost worth the drive on its own!

Anyways after a long blissful trip over there (but the day was a little rough before the trip LOL)

we made it here and were seated quick and we ordered some coffees me and my sister both got coffee. They didn't have enough sugar packets though so we asked for those and they gave us some and we had our coffee however we asked another time for our second cups and we didn't have enough creame that time so it was kinda funny that we asked for a lot of sugar, however it was not a problem for our wiatress! She catered to it just fine....

then we waited a bit but not too l0ng (apprx 20 minutes) for our food and we chowed down....

I ordered a portabella mushroom chicken and it tasted different... not as deep flavored as the other version but it was more zesty and spicy... kinda good but not the same... LOL.... my loaded baked potato was great though!....

my sister got a small steak and it was a bit different tasting but still good. Her mashed taters were fine, but the gravy was wonky.

Our waitress was very attentive and was fine with our weird coffee demands in the process.

It came time to pay the bill and we wanted to give feedback to the manager, she got him, we waited a while to speak with him, however he came and we addressed the problems and he told us they changed suppliers for the chicken and that the older supplier was inconsistent with portions and quality... so they changed from one to the other.... then sis addressed the steak tasting different, and he explained they changed some of the process.... that was fine with us... and we talked about how we wanted a longhorn at our current location and he said there were plans and we were excited and he was happy with that as well. LOL... after some more discussions about some other things we said he'd give us a gift card and gave us one with 40 bucks on it!!!! That was FANTASTIC AND AWESOME OF HIM TO DO THAT!!!! I am very pleased with his handling our situation and we didn't even ask for compensation at all! AMAZING JOB!!!!

I was going to give them 3.5 stars for this visit, however the manager's handling of it all and the waitress was very good with our coffee demands and our food makes this visit a 5 star visit!!!!!!!!!!

Loving Longhorn even more!!

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Shoney's review for 10.22.11

Shoney's review for 10.22.11

when we first got in it was kinda packed but not too bad the manager seated us and we wanted to sit away from other people and smells and he picked a good spot. We wanted to sit on the other side of the buffet but he told us the fishy smell was bad so he put us in the front part away from the “smelly fish” LOL. He was talking about how he hated the smell of fish LOL.

The waitress was very attentive at first and it did take a while to get my coffee that I ordered (regular) because they were still brewing.... my sister got a decaf and got it quick though.

Took her an average time to get to our orders and gave us plenty time to choose.

She checked on our coffee a lot at first and then she got more and more slow.

We waited a good bit for our food though... I ordered a steak and their new seafood bar and the seafood was ok... not the best though.... I had shrimp, shrip with fried rice, fake crab meat, and salmon. I also had clams but they weren't that great and even this hyper little girl said they weren't all that great to my sister when she was prowling the buffet looking for butter for my baked potato. The calms were too dry and crunchy for my tastes. Those were the things the manager said he didn't like LOL.

My steak was pretty good for a Shoney's steak. Didn't need any A1 which was good.

My sister's sandwich was ok. But her mashed potatoes were too dry on the outside for her to eat.

At the end when we went to pay our bill the manager was there to take care of it and he asked us how it went and we gave him some feedback and he asked how the visit was good and we gave him compliments on the seafood bar and them trying something new. Then he asked us what was bad and we told him about the taters and the clams and he laughed about the clams and gave us 10% off the total ticket! He was smooth with it and gave it easily. Very nice. He was really nice about the whole thing.

I was going to give the place 2.5 stars, however the manager made up for it at the end so I will leave it with a 4 star rating.

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Time for Tech--->vmware makes mobile virtualization!!!!

VMware, Verizon partner on mobile virtualization; May give Android enterprise boost

This is something really awesome from vmware...

In a move that could bolster the bring your own device argument, Verizon and VMware said they will partner on mobile virtualization for Android devices.
Specifically, Verizon will use VMware’s Horizon Mobile technology for business customers. VMware Mobile Horizon will allow IT departments to provision manage and cut off mobile devices over air. In a nutshell, Verizon and VMware will segment devices for both professional and personal uses.
VMware Horizon Mobile will also access the applications in the Android Market. LG will be among the first handset makers to use the VMware-Verizon virtualization bundle. According to GigaOm, VMware, which also announced a pact with Telefonica, ultimately wants to write its virtualization code into Android.

if you have an android phone (others like windows phone 7 and iphone may come soon) you can have a work phone vm and your personal phone vm on the same device, so essentially you have two phones in one device. and you can seamlessly switch between the two.... let's say that you're listening to music and checking facebook or google plus on your personal phone, then "oh I gotta check on that report" or whatever on the work phone.... just slid your finger on the display and swipe to your work phone to log into the work server and see if that TPS report is ready.... and it is, so you check it out and you get done with

that and now it's back to whatever you do in your bathroom breaks... LOL.

Lots of companies give out company phones to each employee who needs access to their systems....

this on average costs 300-400 dollars for the smartphone itself and another 1440USD/yr for the plans for the phones

let's say you've got 150 employees in your small business...

you will save, on average, with this method, 250,000USD per year by using this tech!

that, in turn can be used to give your employees a raise, purchase better workstations, etc....

also this would make your enterprise greener and more secure as well.

here's a video explaining the process:

so this is very awesome and I hope that most businesses can do the Bring your own cell phone policy and do this because it would save companies tons of money!!!

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The last time you were at bob evans?

The very last time I was at bob evans..... It was a very hectic day and a very traumatising one. I was going to go to the hospital becuase my baby niece was sick really badly at children's in columbus, and we were going to go see her, along the way we stopped in pickerington, oh for a bite to eat along the way.

We chose Bob Evans becuase we were familiar with the name and the place wasn't as crowded as the others becuase there was some biker event going on and all the eating places were crowded!

We entered and the place was very packed, but we were promptly seated and taken care of, however the food order took a very long time to come, waiting a long time for the food to come, we were kinda nervous about my niece, and then when it finally came It was time to indulge in my pork chop and mashed taters.

The Mashed potatoes were excellent and made me feel better, but the pork chops were another story, they tasted fine and the texture was ok, till I bit in the middle, it set off my gag reflex, as well as the crowds and the hectic vibe. I was struggling to hold it in the keep eating, however I could not anymore. The bathrooms were packed and I did not want to throw up in the sink.

I ran outside and puked off the balcony, picture this: The classic wild west scene with the drunk person puking off the saloon balconies..... this was me, but with pork chops instead of wiskey.

I eventually got it all out and went back in, told mom about it, she laughed, and we got the check and left.

Then we went to the hospital and got to see my niece but she wasn't being treated very well at the hospital, sadly. But she eneded up being ok!

Visit data:

Date:  February 2004 (approx) (This is the most recent visit to bob evans I have)
Place: Pickerington, OH
Meal:  Pork Chops and Mashed Potatoes
Time:  Late Evening

Was Steve Jobs assassinated?

That's what this un named source that is close to Steve says:

Please note! The views in this quote are not mine, therefore I shall not be responsible for anything that may arise from this. Please read at your own discretion and use safe judgement. I have simply posted this because it's intriguing the hell out of me and I found this on a tech forum I shall not name. Thank you. 

"Steve Jobs was assassinated
Steve Jobs' death was not an accident. The cures for many forms of cancer exist in the hands of the chosen few, yet at the same time cancer is used as a tool of assassination by those same people.

Steve Jobs was assassinated because he refused to comply with the direction given to him by the banker assholes that control nearly every country in the world.

Despite their attempts to kill him, Jobs managed to survive six years beyond their expectations thanks to his wealth and tenacity.

And as his health was failing due to the weaponized pancreatic cancer virus consumed his life essence, his company continued to thrive under his steadfast direction.

In the waning days of Steve Jobs' life, Al Gore rubbed their victory in Jobs' face with his uncalled for disclosure of the now released new iPhones, violating a longstanding policy of secrecy established by Steve Jobs. Jobs was also disrespected in his meeting with Obama where he, one of the very few true titans in the computer industry, had to sit on Obama's left while little Markie Zuckerberg, the worthless founder of the fad-of-the-day website, Facebook, occupied the chosen spot to Obama's right.

Say what you will about Steve Jobs. He was a man of the flesh like us all, and he made plenty of mistakes as we all do, but he lived life by striving relentlessly to pursue his own sense of what is right.

Some of that virtue is reflected in Pixar, the animation studio led by Jobs that refused to produce soul-sucking garbage.

Steve Jobs continued to pursue and espouse human virtue. His movie studio, Pixar, produced works that elevated the human heart during a time when mass media had been weaponized to destroy our souls.

Unlike his nemesis, Bill Gates, Jobs refused to contribute to or endorse their genocidal programs. While the Gates Foundation fanatically supports the UN's Third World vaccination efforts that Gates recently boasted would reduce global population (and at a time when it had become known that the UN WHO-backed vaccines have been responsible for the sterilization and death of many people all over the world), when confronted by the same evil banker overlords who told him he was not doing enough to further their interests, Jobs terminated all of Apple's "philanthropic" programs.

Jobs was not going to play ball with them and he paid the price like Sam Walton, George Harrison and David Carradine while monsters like Dick Cheney ghoulishly stalk the planet with no pulse.

Good bye, Steve Jobs. You left us just as things are getting interesting. Rest in peace knowing that the details of your death will in time be fully revealed. "

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Strange Interiors-->Alice in Wonderland restaurant!!

Alice in Wonderland restaurant!! This is in Tokyo Japan!!

 Lewis Carroll’s classic novels come alive at the Alice of Magic World restaurant located in Tokyo, Japan. The decoration consists of different themes/rooms inspired by the Wonderland. The fantasy world was designed by Eiichi Maruyama and Katsunori Suzuki.

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Time for tech--->Do you STILL trust Microsoft to build antivirus support into Windows 8?

OK... Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 will have built in Anti-virus client.

This sounds really cool because you don't have to worry about messing with installing anti-virus anymore right.....

wrong! You still have to worry because Microsoft Security Essentials has declared Google chrome as a Trojan!

Earlier today, we learned that the Microsoft Security Essentials tool began falsely identifying Google Chrome as a piece of malware (”PWS:Win32/Zbot”) and removing it from people’s computers.

Lots of people are using Google Chrome. (I, however use and prefer Firefox though)

This is also a weird piece of news....

IE's market share has fallen the most in a long time.... Google's is increasing

They totally did this on purpose to get less people to use chrome by making it a trojan in MSE.

This is very pathetic of MS and something an angsty teen would do, not a professional software company.

Also what about people that want to use alternate media players like j-river media center, Foobar2000, winamp, itunes, etc..... microsoft might try to kill those too is not enough people use windows media player or zune!

Same with office software! They might kill openoffice/Libre office the same way too.... Lots of people get openoffice becuase it's free instead of paying around 200 bucks to get MS office!

That is very scary that they can do that.

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Aqua-Megalomania expanded review

1. Playmate To Jesus 4:48 (5* for sound and 4.5* for lyrics)-This is my fav song on here. Upbeat, happy, and deeper then most mainstream pop-dance music. puts me in an exploration-type mood with some of the space lyrics. I love the happy-dark vibe on this one!
2. Dirty LIttle Pop Song 3:51 (4.5* for sound and 3* for lyrics)-Feel good simple pop-song with uplift and great for crusin around town. This is great for city-night driving or going fast down the highway-motorway! I love the fast beat to this!
3. Kill Myself 3:31 (5* for sound and 2* for lyrics)-Very pretty and airy sounding and I love the way this sounds.... but the lyrics involve a chick wanting to kill themselves for their lover! OMG!!!
4. Like A Robot 3:39   (4* for sound and 3* for lyrics)-to most people the use or the F word is un-needed, however it gives Aqua a very new twist and it's there for the shock factor. I do love the beat though.
5. Viva Las Vegas 3:24 (skipped)-will give a listen later
6. No Party Patrol 3:22 (4.3* for sound and 3* for lyrics)-skipped it before becuase of the title but I love the beat! wierd lyrics though.... really....
7. Come N’ Get It 3:27 (3* for sound and 3* for lyrics)-happy and upbeat and good for the dance floor, not much explanation needed.
8. Sucker For A Superstar 3:20 (3* for sound and 2* for lyrics)- "Sucker For A Superstar" was the worst track on there.... I'm tired of the played out "VIP" in "da club" " i'm a superstar".... crap...... it's so worn out.
9. Be My Saviour Tonight 3:18 (5* for sound and 4* for lyrics)-In love with this one... beautifully uplifting and perfect for a blissfull evening. almost gave me a chill because the fast pacing and the way it sounds.... the growly guy did great in his part LOL. I also got the exploration vibe from this one!
10. How R U Doin?3:23 (5* for sound and 4.5* for lyrics)-great for a sunny day and puts you in a happy mood. it was a great idea for this song to be the first single. great first impression of the new Aqua. the beat is also very straight forward and the song is great for working to actually.
11. If The World Didn’t Suck (We Would All Fall Off)3:21 (3.5* for sound and 2.5* for lyrics)-the sound is ok on this one but it doesn't fit with Aqua at all for some reason. This song was kinda supposed to be for an indie group for some reason. I guess that's why they chose it but it doesn't really fit with the other tracks. It's a nice change though. Weird lyrics.

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Aqua-Megalomania quick review

 Quick review for Aqua-Megalomania:
1. Playmate To Jesus 4:48 (5* for sound and 4.5* for lyrics)
2. Dirty LIttle Pop Song 3:51 (4.5* for sound and 3* for lyrics)
3. Kill Myself 3:31 (5* for sound and 2* for lyrics)
4. Like A Robot 3:39   (4* for sound and 3* for lyrics)
5. Viva Las Vegas 3:24 (skipped)
6. No Party Patrol 3:22 (skipped)
7. Come N’ Get It 3:27 (3* for sound and 3* for lyrics)
8. Sucker For A Superstar 3:20 (3* for sound and 2* for lyrics)
9. Be My Saviour Tonight 3:18 (5* for sound and 4* for lyrics)
10. How R U Doin?3:23 (5* for sound and 4.5* for lyrics)
11. If The World Didn’t Suck (We Would All Fall Off)3:21 (3.5* for sound and 2.5* for lyrics)

Full review to come later!

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fashion fail part1--->hipster pants!!!

I think guys should be banned from wearing pants like these. These are disgusting!!!
Isn't the guy's poor manhood traumatized from that? I'd think so.

More fashion fails will be featured here. Plenty to go around. 

What fashions do you think are gross? For me.... skinny jeans have got to go. They are gross and they do not look good at all on anyone. Whoever thinks they are are lying to themselves. YUUUUCCCKKK!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Focus company of the month--->COSi Columbus,OH

Focus company/org of the month--->COSi Columbus,OH

the only things I remember were the fetuses in the jars and there not being a lot of interactive stuff. I went in late 2003.

the old cosi was a lot more fun ;-( This one was whitewashed and too sterile feeling.


and also at COSI in columbus,oh there's 8 jars with fetuses of various stages in a body exibit there!!! I was there in 2004 and this one woman that was pregnant and also had a baby in a stroller that was next to use started freaking out and crying... ;-( poor woman. we both thought it was very disturbing. she was scared shitless.
those fetuses are real to and have been in those jars for 20 yrs

This was the most prominient thing that I remember about this place. creepy. THAT POOR WOMAN.

here's more about the fetuses in the jars:

Now this place is much better: Great Lakes Science Center:

much more interactive then cosi was. had awesome stuff going on like they had this Tesla coil and other electric experiments going on and it was super fun!

This other guy in a lab was doing various experiments with dry ice and he even abused marshmallow peeps because he hated them! it was awesome when he put them on dry ice and they froze and he busted them up with a sledgehammer and the pieces flew everywhere!!! AWESOME SAUCE!!!!

the place was packed with interactive exhibits and stuff and was less sterile looking than cosi. I would love to go back!

oh and when we went it was totally free on MLK day! so that made it even better!

I would rather go there! LOL.

even the websites you can tell.... GLSC's site looks more edgy and sciency and cosi's looks like any other generic company's page.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ponderosa Steakhouse review for 9.18.11

Ponderosa Steakhouse review for 9.18.11

I have not been to a Ponderosa in Years (since feb 2005--->Lebanon,TN)

I always liked Ponderosa. They were my fav place to go as a kid and a teen.

The one I went to in lebanon,TN was excellent.

I haven't been to one since then.

Now we finally got to go to the one in Ripley,WV (it's within a 1.5hr driving distance from my current location) I was eager to give them another try again,specially since a lot of locations are closing down. ;-(

we were greeted nicely and taken care of promptly. I ordered a sirloin steak and it was 10.99 incl. Buffet

My steak was meaty and good flavor and was cooked to my specifications. I barely needed any A1 sauce. It wasn't a premium fancy steak, however it was still good!

On the buffet I got Ham only, as I wanted to have more room for the steak, however the selections were actually pretty good, they had plenty of meats and main course items, more then Ryan's buffet actually had as far as main course to side item ratio is concerned.

My sister had the same thing I did and she liked it as well. She didn't even need A1.

My husband had sirloin tips and he really liked them as well. Nothing bad to report and he was satisfied.

I did have a baked potato with mine and it was overcooked, as well as my sister's, however the waitress came by and I told her about it and she promptly got me a new baked potato that wasn't overvcooked and it was much better! My sister didn't ask for a new one though.

Our waitress was pretty prompt and good. She was nice as well.

I will have to say I wasn't dissapointed in the return of me going there and I might frequent it often! I am so happy there are still Ponderosa's around and this location seemed to be doing great and I hope they stick around!

4 stars.

Friday, September 16, 2011

My first Stylish Theme release!!

The BetaNews Fileforum part of the site had a harsh orange BG that hurt my eyes when I went there so I set out to make a theme that can help others cope with it as well.

screenshot before the theme is applied:

screenshot after the theme is applied:

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Song of the month--->AQUA-Playmate to Jesus

AQUA IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Playmate to Jesus-Very pretty song with a little epic synth and some feel good vibes! yes!

New layout!!!

I am happy to present our new layout for the blog! Easier to read, crisper, and more features! We now have pages on the top to have easy access to firefox addons, my screenshots, etc!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Time for Tech--->Focus company of the month:RealNetworks

Ok I have two things to say about this company:

1)they have improved over the years since the G2 days (BUFFERING..... anyone?)

2)they have made the easiest flash video downloader ever. it is part of realplayer now

however a few points I will note:

they used to be extremely responsive on thier facebook page. I was impressed. I had an issue with something and they actually wanted to call me to help me

fix it! That was impressive!

then they got slacking with thier response time. they also got slower at rolling updates for the firefox addon. they were fast with getting Firefox 4.0 support, however they took a long time getting support out for Firefox 5.0 even though it is extremely easy to patch addons. I've done it with the addons that are featured on this blog. I almost had it working, however there were prolly some code bits I couldn't touch, due to them being locked down by realnetworks. I would have patched it within the hour Fx 5 came out!

Also the Firefox team allows anyone to test versions way way before they come out! as of 7:19 AM 9/4/2011 I am running the firefox 9.0a1 nightly while 6.0 is the current stable version. the Fx team does this so the addon developers can get ahead. same as microsoft with thier MSDN.

They got TONS fo facebook messages on thier wall and they ignored the users. it got really bad after a while. I was saddend becuase I really liked realnetworks.

Things get worse..... a LOT WORSE!

there is a group of people that made something called real alternative, an alternative to using "bloated realplayer" and it was stripped down codecs and redistrib. No longer needing realplayer.

a guy that ran a software download site simply places a LINK  to the download page on his site and realnetworks has the balls to go sue him for 200,000 euros. NOT A GOOD MOVE REALNETWORKS. IT IS JUST A LINK. and nothing more. he does not even host the download file on his server. This is the same as

google having a link to it on thier search results!

I have no clue what motivated realnetworks to do this!

yet... here's something.... they are releasing this cloud music service called UNIFI right....

and the videos where they are demonstrating it they have connectitivty issues.....

watch it here:

I think it's a neat idea, but I though of something like that when I first heard about cloud computing.

How could you do stuff that is so cool, yet go after people like that for the real alternative stuff? as well as ignore people on your facebook page? this has me almost in tears because I was really starting to like them!!!! Not cool realnetworks. not cool. I don't know if I should still like them or not... you help me on this on readers....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

time for tech---> rebranding?

Yes, is rebranding and re-vamping thier iconic white,blue,and orange website!

it was distinct and part of thier branding. now it does look like some dodgy site with that preview.

this is as drastic as the pepsi re-brand.

some woman though the pepsi with the new logo sitting on the shelf at wal-mart was knock off pepsi when I was there right after the re-brand LOL.

that's what happens if you change an iconic brand. it looses touch with the clients.

if a company changed thier logo the connection would be dropped. You'd have to re-market that logo and image all over again, wasting money that could have been spent on product development.

the GAP changed thier logo once and it flopped like mad

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

time for awesomes--->Campbell River boy, 12, delivers his own baby brother

Campbell River boy, 12, delivers his own baby brother

Wow this is freaking AWESOME!!!! This 12 year old boy delivered his baby brother!

Gaelan Edwards snuck out of bed to watch TV and instead he got a new baby brother!

I find it interesting his name is Gaelan. Galen of Pergamon was a great Greek physician ~1800 years ago :)

I will quote this from the original article:

"Danielle Edwards, 30, said in a telephone interview that she woke about 2 a.m. to find herself in labor with the baby's head already beginning to crown. "I didn't go through any of the preliminary labor pains," she said. "None of it."

Unable to walk or reach the telephone, she rolled onto her back and noticed the TV on in the other room. Figuring it was her oldest son, she said, "Gaelan, I need you to come over here."

"It was like a springboard; he sat straight up, came and stood in the doorway area to my room. He put his hands on his hips and said, 'Mom, this is not going to be an at-home baby.'"

Then he saw the top of the baby's head and went straight to his mother's side.

"I said, 'Gaelan, when I push next, I need you to grab the baby by the shoulders and I need you to pull him out.' And he — just like by instinct, I couldn't even believe it — grabbed the baby by the shoulders, with the head on his wrist, and eased him out, kind of wriggled him from side to side, and pulled him onto the bed."

Danielle then watched as her oldest son went to the kitchen and came back with scissors and a clamp normally used to seal plastic bags. He clamped the cord, cut it, and helped his mother push out the placenta.

"He was amazing," Danielle said. "He helped me put the baby on my tummy, then he went and grabbed a blanket and helped me wrap the baby ... It was like he knew."

Once satisfied that his brother was safe, Gaelan got on the telephone and called one of Danielle's friends to take her and her new son, Caynan Edwards-Strong, to the hospital, where both were pronounced in good health.

Gaelan was initially unavailable for comment Monday, because he was out riding his bike. But he said in a later telephone interview that he learned everything from watching television and reading medical books that his mother owns. The last book he read was about midwives.

"Mom, I knew she was going to go into labor any day," he said. "Like, it was over the due date, so I'm like, 'Oh, whatever, I'll start reading these books.' . . . I've been reading medicine books for a few years now."

Gaelan, who is set to start Grade 7 this fall, said his first thought on Saturday was, "'Holy crud! This is really happening.'" But after that, he was "pretty calm" and focused. "I'm surprised that I actually did it."

Danielle, too, was at a loss to explain her son's poise except to say that he's always been a reader and curious about how things work. "We have a very blunt and honest family," she said. "So they ask me questions and I answer them."

Even so, she was stunned and proud of Gaelan's ability to keep his head in a situation where many would have panicked. "He's just this amazing little guy," she said."

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wierd Stuff---->Thirsty boy stuck in chimney trying to get drink

Thirsty boy stuck in chimney trying to get drink

This poor little boy was stranded outside and he decides to, instead of asking neighbors for a drink. he takes matters into his own hands and climbs up to the chimney and proceeds down to try to get into the house to get a drink. he was stuck there for 8 HOURS!!!!

this article has more!


Utah address systems are freaking awesome. 4300 South 4800 West... they work like co-ordinates.

here's more explanation for that

Monday, August 15, 2011

Time for Tech--->Firefox 6.0 is here!

Firefox 6.0 has launched. it has improvments such as domain highlighting and about:permissions.

However some addons might not work!

I have patches that work up to version 9.0 here:

to use:
open firefox and go to addons> "install add-on from file" find modified .xpi>enjoy

Screen capture elite



Yet Another Smooth Scrolling



Saturday, August 13, 2011

Time for Tech--->Amazon CEO files patent for smartphone airbag

Yes. The CEO of wants to make smartphones with airbags! Funny huh?

They should just make the phones stronger to begin with! make all phone displays unbreakable. It can be done. It is being applied, just not mainstream. It should be mainstream. We shouldn't have to mess with hard to acquire expensive means of getting a toughphone. hrrrrmmmm I wonder of panasonic has one? It would be toughfone or something like it. As long as it has android OS it would be good, however the specs must be good in order to keep it long. that is one problem with this situation. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review for western sizzlin 08.09.11

Review for western sizzlin 08.09.11

This place is off the beaten path a ways but it was still easy to access from US50.

The parking seemed to be ok but a little packed in too much. Could have used wider parking spots.

The area you first walked into could be spaced a little better and had both cash registers spaced further apart so the two cashiers could work more efficiently and there would be faster movement. They seemed to be ok at getting us in but seemed a little off for some reason.

The décor was nice and the layout of the place was ok.

We seated ourselves and were taken care of promptly. Our meals came to us very quickly.

I ordered a sirloin with a baked potato. The sirloin did taste very watered down and it needed tons of A1 to make it edible. The baked potato was really good. I got sour cream and cheese from the baked potato bar.

My husband got a chopped steak and he was satisfied with it. He also got a baked potato and he like it too and made it like I did.

My mom just got a house salad.

My sister got a junior version of the sirloin and hers came out too pink so she had to get a new one, it wasn't all that great either it was watered down like mine was. He mashed potatoes were too lumpy and dry and the gravy didn't taste very good. All she wanted was regular brown gravy and this place does not have it. There was no regular brown gravy That made her upset and so was I. I am very sensitive to limput potatoes and I would not want to try those. I would prolly puke them up LOL. They had 3 kinds of lumps, dry limps, uncooked lumps, and unmashed lumps. LOL. I kinda gagged thinking about that!

In order to fix out steaks we did request some seasoning, however it still didn't make it all that great. I would not get the steaks here.

Our watress was ok and prompt but not very personal.

Overall I would give the place 3.5 stars. The resoning is that the steaks were watered down and that's the focal point of the place and the service, even though extremely prompt, wasn't very personal. The pricing was quite high for the lack of quality for the sirloin.

Recommendation: good quick place for a baked potato and salad for lunch, or a cheap chopped steak, however the main course of the place leaves much to be desired.

Monday, August 1, 2011

"The worlds best restaurant" closes it's doors

"The worlds best restaurant" closes it's doors......

El Bulli, owned by award-winning chef Ferran Adria, will mark the end of a remarkable 27-years with a special sitting for staff and their families

A Spanish restaurant repeatedly voted the best in the world has served its final dish to the public and is closing its doors for the last time

They are only open 6 months out of the year.

Apperantly they were not really turning a profit.

that would explain the not turning a profit thing...

businesses that are restrictive hours are the same as well.

several local businesses had to shut down in my area becuase nobody came to buy stuff... they were only open during regular business hours, a time where not very many working people can show up to buy stuff.

the places with expansive hours tend to do better since they can make more money from the evening traffic and rush after work. peak shopping times in my locale are from 2pm-10:30PM. Any time before that is dead. so therefore the businesses see only 2.5-3 busy hours a day.

for a clothes place, for example, would be best opened from 11:30AM till 10PM. many do this and they are more stable, however there were a few clothing places opened from only 9AM-5PM and they never did well around my area. Many of them would close doors and those same slots at the mall would rotate a lot from shops that had the more restrictive hours. Specially ones targeted at teens. Most teens go to the mall around 7:30-close.

I know it costs more to have expansive hours, however you have more chances to make more money. If you have rest. biz. hrs and people that would have bought your products, would just go to another place that was open, make thier purchase, and you lost the sale.

a high class romantic eatery would be best having hours from 2:30PM-10:30PM or later rather then having hours from 9:30-6:00PM Many people crave that nicer fancy atmosphere at night rather then during the day.

Taco bell should be open from lunch till at least 5:00AM. Most people crave tacos at night. However, they close at 10:00PM here and I crave them between the hours of 1:00AM-3:30AM. Most people love tacos at nite. late nite.

I think businesses need to re-adjust to the ever changing sleep and work schedules of modern people. as well as re-strategize the hours. depending on the industry.

Also many people have to take off work to get things done like docs offices, car repair, etc. those places need to expand their hours so people don't have to take off work to go to them.

If less people take off work they will have more money to shop and take care of biz. More money to circulate.

This issue is so often overloooked.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time for Tech--->New white space standard: up to 22Mbps over 12,000 square miles

Taken from ARS:
The new IEEE 802.22 standard has been published and will finally allow manufacturers to start producing standardized devices that will use the white space vacated by analog TVs over two years ago. The standards will provide networking in areas over a 62 mile radius at speeds of up to 22Mbps.
In theory, that means as few as 307 devices could cover the entire United States. (In reality, it would likely take many more than that.)

With all the cloud OSes like ChromeOS and B2G (Mozilla) we are going to need something for devices that use those to flourish. I think the cloud OS thing may be a good idea. since no matter what device you use your files are always there. Specially good if you use several devices. Still would like to have offline modes though. However this is very awesome and I hope this gets launched! This is also cheaper for the ISPs as they don't have to worry about cables and outages would happen less often.

I am anxious for tech like this!

Time for Tech--->Mobile version launched!

I have now activated an easier on the bandwidth mobile template of this blog for all you on mobile devices! Happy easy reading!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Time for Tech--->youtube's new "cosmic panda" layout--->my take

Youtube's new "Cosmic Panda" Layout is here. 

Ok here are the issues I have with the 'cosmic panda' layout on youtube:

This is the "cosmic panda" layout from youtube

First impressions:

the channel d0esn't allow you to play vids directly from it like the old layout.
this requires more steps to watch people's vids be referencing username.

also to view playlists requires more steps as well, and you cannot view those from the channel either


also I do not like the new playlist access method, you can not have it in a nice vertical list that displays more info about the videos on the side.

all it does is have a tiny side scrolling list that just has thumbnails and you have to hover over each one for the video info and it doesn't show as much info as the old layout.

I also don't think it utilizes widscreen layouts good enough for the main video pages. there is lots of empty space that could be used for more info or related

videos.  also the side panel that does have related videos, the thumbnails are too big and wasteful.

Comments and conversations:

I do have to say that following converstations are better with the layout, however the feedback (like and dislike) are not very good to be seperate. people are used to having the thumbs up and thumbs down right next to eachother.

Channel design:

Also I don't see enough options for branding. I want to choose my own color scheme for my channel instead of just a background and a white body. I would like to have a black or dark purple body and white text colors. I had that with the last layout, however this is more limiting.

now aestetic wise it's great and I like the dark player design as it has the "dim the lights" effect, allowing the user to have more focus on the videos. I like the

dark button touches as well. I like the fluidity of the layout and the genral feel to it.

If the issues I have noted above are addressed cosmic panda would work fine.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Strange Architecture--->And You Thought Your House Was Small

And You Thought Your House Was Small

check this out! I would soooo go nuts living in this thing!

how thin can you go I don't think any thinnner then this!

This was designed to fit in this little cranny in warsaw, poland!

Imma let the pic say it all.

 ‘I saw the gap and just thought it needed filling. It will be used by artists,’ said architect Jakub Szczesny of the tiny space between the Warsaw blocks.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time for sadness---->Borders bookstores closes down

RE: RIP: Borders Books
This was one of the rare good hangout spots in my area. I would go and read manga and drink coffee from the seattle's best place... then I would buy some of the manga I liked and it was a good way to spend the evening. Now that they are leaving there are very few good hangout spots in my area and there's nowhere else that sells manga! I would have to order online and wait 1 week or more to get it and I just wanna pick it up that same day! This is depressing.

Time for strangeness--->Controversial Doll Lets Little Girls Pretend to Breast-Feed

Ok this is messed up. two ways we can go here.... Do we really need little kids thinking about breastfeeding? Kids aren't supposed to be thinking about having kids at such a young age.....

However encouraging breastfeeding is great and it is a good idea to get more people to warm up to it.

here's an image of the toy:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Song Cover time!--->Believe (Cher Cover)

This is better then the original. It's nice to hear the un-autotuned version.Doesn't sound all gurggley like cher's voice did. LOL. They did a great job with this one. I had this on an old cover cd and I missed it so much and I just found it!  
This was made by the Countdown Dance Masters from Madacy Entertainment. Glad they are still around! 

This song is a huge part of me and it feels wierd to share it, I hope you like it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Time for Tech--->Microsoft gets into social networking?

Try this one out for size..... TulaLip.....

That was hard to say... Tu-la-lip..... much like a tulip.

However many people allready juggle a facebook, twitter, google plus, reddit, digg, deviantart, blogspot, wordpress, several forums, and more social sites. Do we really have room for another?

and with a name like that it's easy for people to think "tulip" and type that into google and get results for the flower instead.

Not a very good idea.

also easy to mis-spell and people could end up on a malware infested site or something that can't be unseen.....

Your thoughts please...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Song of the 2nd quarter--->ATB-Running A Wrong Way (with Rea Garvey)

This is the most moving song I've listened to in a Very long time.
ATB Never lets me down he is my fav trance DJ and I love him and his music.
You must give his other tracks a chance as well.

Time for Strangeness--->Babies scared of ELMO!!!

I found the ninth circle of HELL!!!! TICKLE ME ELMO!!!! There are so many videos on youtube about this! Tons of kids and babies are scared of Tickle me elmo and TMX Elmo! How in the hell can they be so scared of it? This is so wierd!

and here's another!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strange Architecture--->Ithaa under the Indian Ocean restaurant converted to a one room hotel

Ithaa under the Indian Ocean restaurant converted to a one room hotel so people can sleep with the fishes. neat idea... but I wouldn't wanna wake up in davy jones locker though... that would suck to drown to death becuase someone got too rowdy!!! what do you all think?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time for Tech--->Google Maps for Android Labs Offers Offline Caching

Google Maps for Android Labs Offers Offline Caching

They are gonna need a more offline version due to all the extreme capping the cell phone providers are doing.(many are only having it at 2GB and for navving that would be blown quickly) it would be nice to have a whole region on your smartphone. You can just download the maps with wifi at home for free and then take it on your trip without needing to be raped on data charges for a 1,000 mile trip. I know that with some prepaid plans some people have had to pay 8 bucks worth of data charges for a 20 mile trip and that all adds up eventually you're paying upwards of 40-50/mo just to navigate. for those people who can't get regular contract data this would be a godsend.

all the data not wasted for just navving can be used for web browsing and many would be very happy about this.

and phone can definitly hold the data... on regular GPS units they have around 4GB of int. mem. and the map usage was around 1.8-3GB for the whole US and 900,000 POIs. and with 16 and 32GB phones and SD cards this shouldn't be a problem with holding the map data on them.

This might have been the only way to do it when phones didn't have much storage, however with more having more storage this should be the norm... and then you'd only connect if there were updates to the roads or POIs... you should also be able to define what you want saved on your phone, like I have no use for stuff like broadway type theaters, sporting arenas, and flickr stream data and those kinda extras... so I would just have the POIs and stuff I want...

This could be very easy...

Please click on this link for more details...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Noise Prompts Pennsylvania Restaurant to Ban Kids Under 6

A restaurant in western Pennsylvania says it's no longer allowing children under age 6

The thing is all it does is alienate their potential customers... lots of people have kids and you can't avoid it. Why sacrifice your business at that expense? I can understand if the place was upper scale and required reservations and served a full bar of alcohol...
but a regular golf course restaurant isn't that big of a deal.

I've heard also of terrible things Buffets inc did to a breastfeeding mother by kicking her out of old country buffet! baby's gotta eat too. most BF moms are discreet and nice about it and then some perv that shouldn't be looking at a BF mom for long enough to be annoyed complains and starts ****. . and most places are big enough for if people don't like what they see they can move to another table..

and people want the BF moms to go to the bathroom instead.... but there's so many germs and bad things there... would you wanna eat in a bathroom? hell no.

upscale places I can understand though... where you pay 50USD+ for a steak or 25USD+ for a pasta dinner it's upscale... but that place's prices are average and the atmoshere is average...

Please click on this link for more details.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Movie Quickies--->Tron legacy

just watched tron legacy.... it was pretty good. the music wasn't as happenin as I thought it was. Daft Punk was in it and you couldn't even tell. They shouldda had some edgy fierce beats in there!!! that would have completed the movie a lot more!!!! The acting was a little off but it was decent...visually it was AWESOME!!!  7/10

Full review coming soon! With screenshots!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Time for tech---->Firefox 5 and 6 Screen Capture Elite-->Patched to Firefox 5.0!

I have patched the popular addon Screen Capture Elite! UPDATES FOR VERSION 6.0 firefox!!!

It is an excellent screen capture addon that is the most low profile capturing one yet.

You can save screenshots with one click and they are named very well.

Here are the download links: MediaFire/4Shared
here's the addon-patched to firefox 9.0

open firefox and go to addons> "install add-on from file" find modified .xpi>enjoy.

Capcom's Resident Evil DRM Is Evil: You Get To Play The Game Once

Capcom's Resident Evil DRM Is Evil: You Get To Play The Game Once

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D for the nintendo 3ds
Yes you can only play the game once. No alternate save files allowed. No starting from scratch.

If you want to play it again.... cough up another 40 bucks.

your friend wants to play? cough up the 40 bucks

your husband/wife wants to play? cought up the 40 bucks

wanna sell the game? too bad you can't!

this is just wrong I though Ubisoft's DRM was bad this really takes the cake!

I think people need to boycott this game company. Seriously. And don't even pirate thier games. That'll send the message. That the game isn't even worth torrenting, let alone buying! "it must be bad!"

Gamestop and other retailers are allready warning customers about this! That says something!

When a game retailer company doesn't even want to sell it or is warning customers about your games you need to quit.

here's the nitty gritties on it

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The most evil companies

Buffets Inc, I've mentioned them several times in my blog. They are evil for shutting down some great locations and laying off more then 400 excellent employees at the worst time ever.

AT&T for thier crap against ISP innovation, they are the ones who started the bandwidth caps, they have crappy cell service in both network and support, they are anti-net-neutrality, etc....

Adobe for making flash so bloated and insecure, thier software is very expensive, flash plugin is very unstable and causes lots of headaches, thier server backend software is problematic, and thier support for paying customers suck.

Ubisoft is the bad game dev with thier crap DRM where you had to be connected to thier servers constantly in order to just play a single player game! Many titles suffered from this.

Comcast for being a crappy cable company with caps and all kinds of mess.

Amazon for thier cloud hosting service failures taking out sites like minecraft, reddit and foursquare (sites I use) and not being very good about it. Also housed botnets as well that attacked other sites!

Rackspace lies to thier customers and says thier cloud servers are real cloud but they aren't.  They overcharge

Hp makes crappy computers. They die constantly. I am an expert at experts-exchange and a lot of people there having issues with HP hardware.

Parellels and their struggling Plesk control panel. it has a lot of issues that give users headache and trouble and they take a long time to respond to support tickets. Many hosting companies are dropping thier control panel in favor of Cpanel.

Centova cast for not responding to customer complaints and they are being arrogant about it. 2CO was even threatening to shut thier payment processor account down.

Time for tech---->Firefox 5 Internet Download Manager--->Patched to Firefox 5.0!

I have patched the popular Internet Download Manager addon to work with Firefox 5.0!
Please comment and give me feedback to ensure that this works!

to use:
go to your addons>install addon from file>browse to the patched xpi>add>enjoy!

Download links:

Hope they offcially get this fixed.

Time for tech--->Redhat vs Ubunu--->ubuntu's problem

Redhat (as a company) is stable, professional and secure. They are right in line with thier target market. Synced well.

Canonical/Ubuntu is unstable, immature, and insecure, they have no clue what thier target market is. Not in sync with thier userbase.

ubuntu keep going after markets where it's unstable, specially for a free product. Linux is seen as a power user's OS.... It is no way being seen as an OS for gramma to get on FB and play farmville with her sewing buddies. That market is slim pickings.

They are pulling a nintendo.... neglecting thier core users to go after new things.... the grass isn't greener on the other side. it may be an 'emerging market', however even that is stagnating. those grammas will want more from thier setup once they learn more....

Canonical/Ubuntu's image is also arrogant and they feel like thier on this "grand mission" to "humanize" linux.... but it gets to thier heads and anyone that challenges it gets attacked and told:

"they are doing this as a favor and charitably!" "how could you hate on them for the courageous efforts they do?" and all that.... they take it up as some cause you're attacking when it's just a linux distro, no need for drama.... that kinda stuff comes off as arrogant and elitist.

people were like that with this unity crap.

sorry canonical/ubuntu.... you are not what you used to be... you initially had a good goal in mind but they let thier arrogance and the hip thing get to thier heads. it will bite them in the end.