Ponderosa Steakhouse review for 9.18.11

Ponderosa Steakhouse review for 9.18.11

I have not been to a Ponderosa in Years (since feb 2005--->Lebanon,TN)

I always liked Ponderosa. They were my fav place to go as a kid and a teen.

The one I went to in lebanon,TN was excellent.

I haven't been to one since then.

Now we finally got to go to the one in Ripley,WV (it's within a 1.5hr driving distance from my current location) I was eager to give them another try again,specially since a lot of locations are closing down. ;-(

we were greeted nicely and taken care of promptly. I ordered a sirloin steak and it was 10.99 incl. Buffet

My steak was meaty and good flavor and was cooked to my specifications. I barely needed any A1 sauce. It wasn't a premium fancy steak, however it was still good!

On the buffet I got Ham only, as I wanted to have more room for the steak, however the selections were actually pretty good, they had plenty of meats and main course items, more then Ryan's buffet actually had as far as main course to side item ratio is concerned.

My sister had the same thing I did and she liked it as well. She didn't even need A1.

My husband had sirloin tips and he really liked them as well. Nothing bad to report and he was satisfied.

I did have a baked potato with mine and it was overcooked, as well as my sister's, however the waitress came by and I told her about it and she promptly got me a new baked potato that wasn't overvcooked and it was much better! My sister didn't ask for a new one though.

Our waitress was pretty prompt and good. She was nice as well.

I will have to say I wasn't dissapointed in the return of me going there and I might frequent it often! I am so happy there are still Ponderosa's around and this location seemed to be doing great and I hope they stick around!

4 stars.