Focus company of the month--->COSi Columbus,OH

Focus company/org of the month--->COSi Columbus,OH

the only things I remember were the fetuses in the jars and there not being a lot of interactive stuff. I went in late 2003.

the old cosi was a lot more fun ;-( This one was whitewashed and too sterile feeling.


and also at COSI in columbus,oh there's 8 jars with fetuses of various stages in a body exibit there!!! I was there in 2004 and this one woman that was pregnant and also had a baby in a stroller that was next to use started freaking out and crying... ;-( poor woman. we both thought it was very disturbing. she was scared shitless.
those fetuses are real to and have been in those jars for 20 yrs

This was the most prominient thing that I remember about this place. creepy. THAT POOR WOMAN.

here's more about the fetuses in the jars:

Now this place is much better: Great Lakes Science Center:

much more interactive then cosi was. had awesome stuff going on like they had this Tesla coil and other electric experiments going on and it was super fun!

This other guy in a lab was doing various experiments with dry ice and he even abused marshmallow peeps because he hated them! it was awesome when he put them on dry ice and they froze and he busted them up with a sledgehammer and the pieces flew everywhere!!! AWESOME SAUCE!!!!

the place was packed with interactive exhibits and stuff and was less sterile looking than cosi. I would love to go back!

oh and when we went it was totally free on MLK day! so that made it even better!

I would rather go there! LOL.

even the websites you can tell.... GLSC's site looks more edgy and sciency and cosi's looks like any other generic company's page.