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Cool tools of the month-July-2013

Here's my first Cool Tools of the Month episode!
First off is Amped Wifi Analytics: Use this tool to get detailed info on the wireless networks around you so you can optimize yours
Second is an awesome Google Chrome addon called Stylish that you can alter the apperance of many websites.

 if facebook or google are too white and hurt your eyes than you can make them darker  or just a different, more pleasing color.
Third is a network tool called PRTG and you can monitor uptime of various "sensors" of your network like bandwidth, uptime, packet sniffing, etc. 

I use this to check on server health and performance

Babies afraid of cows??? o_O

OK, Now I know that you all saw that babies were scared of Elmo.... now It's also true that they are afraid of cows too. This is very strange and do any of you know how or why they would be afraid of cows? Is it becuase they think the cow is making fun of them for being fat? Is it becuase the sounds reminds them of a nasty sound in the womb? Please tell us why you would think that so many people would be afraid of cows? Even a adult was afraid of a cow!

Cow 1:

Cow 2:

Cow 3:

Cow 4:

Cow 5:

Could this be the weirdest restaurant ever?

I think this meme is appropriate here:

Ok, here we go. There's this place called Harold's chicken shack and it's a chain place. They have a location in Madison,WI and here's the story:

It's a chicken shack so there's not much to expect. However I will get to the points:

There's a guy there that walks around and sells bootleg DVDs.
There's a cook that goes around calling everybody "fool".
The cashier keeps a baby under the register.
The manager likes to go out in the rain, come back in dripping wet, and serve the customers in the dripping wet.

That's right and this place is known for that.

Please click here to access the Yelp! reviews

Have any of you eaten there? If so, please share your experience!

Innovation Cooling CEO throws tantrum on TechPowerUp forums!

The CEO of Innovation Cooling LLC, Makers of IC Diamond thermal paste/compound/TIM offered a challenge on the widely popular enthusiast community TechPowerUp. They offered to send some samples of the product to the members and to post before (using competition TIM) and after (using ICD).
Members were interested and posted thier findings, however some members have reported that the TIM has damaged coolers/components. Instead of offering corrections, the CEO was denying the problems and accused the community of doctoring images and conspiring to bring his company down. However this was not the case, they simply wanted the issue corrected and for the CEO to be honest about a defect in the product.

The defect was large particles that were highly abrasive and left knicks in the components/coolers. Also some staining was reported as well.

Original thread intro:

The crap hits the fan on this page:…

Apple Seeks Patent For Waze-Style Crowdsourced Navigation

Apple is seeking a patent for crowdsourced navigation with traffic data. ifans are prolly getting very excited about this but there's just one problem... It allready exists through applications such as Inrix Traffic! and Waze.

The process of reporting looks very much like the screen for reporting an incident with Inrix and the general layout and feel of the application looks like Inrix as well

I really think that apple's implementation of this will not be as successful as Inrix and everyone knows how terrrible thier shot at mapping related software was!

I actually hope Inrix takes action against this.