Innovation Cooling CEO throws tantrum on TechPowerUp forums!

The CEO of Innovation Cooling LLC, Makers of IC Diamond thermal paste/compound/TIM offered a challenge on the widely popular enthusiast community TechPowerUp. They offered to send some samples of the product to the members and to post before (using competition TIM) and after (using ICD).

Members were interested and posted thier findings, however some members have reported that the TIM has damaged coolers/components. Instead of offering corrections, the CEO was denying the problems and accused the community of doctoring images and conspiring to bring his company down. However this was not the case, they simply wanted the issue corrected and for the CEO to be honest about a defect in the product.

The defect was large particles that were highly abrasive and left knicks in the components/coolers. Also some staining was reported as well.

Original thread intro:

The crap hits the fan on this page:

One member's pics:

The CEO of the company, instead of admitting his wrongdoings posted statements such as:

"Just because you dig up your dead grandmother put a couple of bullets in her and post her bullet ridden corpse on a forum as proof I killed her does not mean that's what happened.
Some conditions do apply to "evidence"

People have posted about this on the company's official facebook page and the CEO has deleted comments, even those written professional and sincerely.

He really could have fixed it by replacing components damaged by the TIM and responded politely and professionally. Instead he threw a fit and accused members of things they did not and would never do.

This is NOT how you manage PR.