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Strange Interiors--->Mystery Science Theater 3000--->The headboard!

I loved this show a lot growing up.... this show was awesome. they would take these corny sci-fi movies and make fun of them!!!

anyways I was just a casually surfin the net and I found this beauty!!!

It would be funny to put a corny movie poster on the wall behind it and change it every week or month!

24 hour nyan cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Strange Architecture/Interiors--->Lucky Drops / Atelier Tekuto

Strange Architecture/Interiors--->Lucky Drops / Atelier Tekuto

Take a look at this place! That is a skinny house! I wouldn't wanna be fat living in that place!

It also looks like a blade!

This is from japan where they're so space starved it's needed there.
This is definitly something they would design that's for sure with how crowded the place is.

That's the 2nd reason I'm not living there now, the first.... the language is too hard to learn :-(

Plus I'm quite the caustrophobe!

This site has more

Time for pets--->Dog gets artificial paws

I think this is so sweet. The doggie gets to walk again and have a loving life after the owner's abandoned the poor thing and left it to freeze in a cold basement!

This made me feel good cause the doggie seemed to be very affectionate and lovey! so why would the owners do such a thing? :-(

They basically gave him prosthetic paws because he froze them off.  He was in a cold basement and his paws stuck to the floor.

This site has some more info about it and I think they have done the same with a kitty as well!

Time for tech--->Mac vs PC vs Linux--->what is better for me?

 many people ask me this.... I am pretty unbiased, as I like a little of all 3 camps. Here's a guide to help you choose and what I think about each platform

Apple Mac OSX:
*solid hardware that lasts long time
*can run photoshop and a lot of creative software
*the OS is secure (according to specs so far, however the increasing popularity may change this)
*you will look better in the eyes of the people that care about that kinda thing
*bootcamp will allow you to run windows on it

*more expensive
*lack of games
*os needs a lil of a learning curve (not too bad though)
*Os has it's customization limits
*the "hip" culture of it might turn people off sometimes

Windows based PC:

*lower cost of entry
*software selection
*customization is medium
*more hardware choices
*better bang for the buck on hardware
*better for gaming

*security isn't the best, however you can secure it pretty good
*licensing costs are kinda high for consumer versions, however you may get an edu…

Time for tech---->Firefox 5 update

Firefox 5 Update!
Ok my current FF5 memstats:

over 400 browser actions
duration: 18 hours approx
I have been going crazy with usage and have had 50 tabs open at once, currently 32 tabs open.
watched at least 40 HTML5 vids on youtube and 20 flash ones (note:not all vids are avalible in html5)

What addons do you have installed?

I have the following add-ons installed:
Yet Another Smooth Scrolling
screen capture elite
FF4UI fixer

Wierd Stuff---->Jurassic Park 4?

Yes there might be....

I hope they don't butcher it, problem is Michael Crichton died a while ago....
This might be awkward as hell.

Let's see if they ruin it....

here's a description from wikipedia

Jurassic Park III director Joe Johnston revealed in an interview in January 2010 that Jurassic Park IV was set to be the beginning of a second Jurassic Park trilogy. He also added, “Jurassic Park 4 is going to be unlike anything you’ve seen.” Johnston says once he finishes Captain America, he hopefully will develop Jurassic Park IV with Steven Spielberg. Joe Johnston enthusiastically has confirmed the likelihood of the film's production more than once. On June 15th 2011, it was reported that Steven Spielberg has been brainstorming with writer Mark Protosevich on a film that happens to be the fourth film in the franchise. It is unclear whether it is a reboot or the fourth installment of the original series.

I am still shocked how the damn movie companies are making only remak…

time for tech--->Firefox 5.0 has been released!

Update... I got the scrolling addon, the screen capture one to work! Here's how I got that to work:

save the add-on .xpi to your desktop you must navigate to the addons page (not using the addon browser, but going to the ff addons site) and right click on the download button>save as> save the xpi file then:
rename the .xpi to .zip
open the zip and extract the install.rdf
open the install.rdf with any text editor
find 4.0.* could be any version number
edit to 5.0.*
save and put back in zip overwriting the original and save zip
rename .zip back to .xpi
open firefox and "install add-on from file" find modified .xpi

 So this is how you get those addons working that won't work in the latest version of FF! easy and nice!

installed.... some critical addons not working like my realplayer one and my smooth scrolling one.... will wait a lil to use it...

Here's a lil performance graph: 20 tabs, 25 browser actions, flash/html5 not loaded yet:

will write a review lat…

Rebecca Black’s "Friday" Disappears From YouTube

oooooooh nooooes!

This video prolly had the most views on youtube ever!

this video is the reason that rebecca black is famous!

This video is am important part of our culture!     will always have a special place in our hearts!!!

we will miss you CD2LRROpph0!!!!!!

this site has more:

Remixedcat----->Q and A--->What media players have you used?

I get this question a lot actually.... I've decided to post a quick list of the media players I've used!

Please note I am only including players I've used a decent amount of for at the very least one month. I can add about 50 more, however I only used them one or two sessions and then deleted them. 

I have also attached a brief rating to each.

winamp  (8/10)
sonique and the s2 beta (9/10)
k-jofol (7/10)
SAP audio player (7/10)
creative media software (5/10)
roxio player (4/10)
realplayer (8/10)
windows media player (version 6.4 and above) v6.4 (6/10) v7 (7/10) v8 (7/10) v9 (7/10) v10 (9/10) v11(8/10) v12(6/10)
foobar 2000 (10/10)
kmedia player (7/10)
vlc (8/10)
mpc (10/10)
media monkey (6/10)
media jukebox (10/10)
itunes (4/10)
quicktime (2/10)
soritong (6/10)
musicmatch jukebox (5/10)
realjukebox (8/10) (c)
zune (3/10)

linux: (please note this covers linux only players I've used the linux versions of vlc and it was the same experience)
kafeene (7/10)
xmms (8/…

Nyan Cat 10 hours!!!!!!


time for tech--->The cloud confusion

"The cloud" and "cloud servers/hosting" are different things.

The thing everyone knows of "the cloud" is just marketing for thier services that are based off of cloud servers.

cloud servers are redundant, fault tolerant, scalable, and elastic server architecture that is very good. based of concepts such as grid computing, clustering, etc...

Now people are starting to hate both. which is unfair. they see cloud hosting (which is alike to a VPS or Virtual Private server--->just with better architecture) and are scared from it, when the hosting architecture isn't bad it's the few services like amazon, icloud and google that are altering people's perception.

now back when we had idrives, xdrives, and stuff like that people weren't as scared.... even though they used the same technology to do it, just not marketed as this "cloud" thing.

all the sudden when you put the cloud spin on it it scares people. wow.

I think people are …

Song Reviews---> Minnie Riperton-Lovin you

This song is a classic that still shines today. I think people just have a bad association becuase of the BK commercial. I just forget that when I listen to it and it's ok.

this version: Lovingu (Reuter und Schleis Remix) by Yakooza is AMAZING!!!! You will have to find it and give it a listen it's an essential trance track that is so awesome it's chilling. It will send chills up and down your spine. best to listen to it in the middle of winter. That is real trance music. Pure emotion and pure beauty!

here's a sample:

Cows are now producing human breast milk

This is wierd but I think it's a good thing for mom's who can't breast feed! Mamma milk is better for babies then formula!

please check this out!

alternate link

nintendo's new console name


time for tech--->Nintendo has announced new console--->The Wii-U

Nintendo has announced thier new console will be titled:

The Wii-U........

prepare for even more jokes around this console then the original.

it will have a screen built into the controller and will finally have HD output.... wow the n is very late to the HD party....

I'm hoping, and other gamers alike are hoping for some real titles. Not the casual crap shovelware the wii had for it. I am a launch day wii owner and my console is now collecting dust, as I got sick of the only 6 or so games that were worth anything.

The n had better not let us down again.... or this will be the end.

time for tech--->Microsoft Has Acquisition Deal With Nvidia

This site has reported this:

what about apple and linux now? driver support could be bad now!!

this is a scary prediction....

we now have microsoft+nvidia
we now have apple+intel
we now have linux/droid+AMD

a tri-opoly....

intel reads this and announces that they will step up GPU efforts and have stronger alliance with apple
amd reads this and works better with linux as a response and helps fuel development allies with google.

The thing is this could also create higher prices for the consumers, due to the pressures nvidia has with microsoft.

Linux driver development with nvidia will be shafted as a result and AMD might take advantage of that and help them.

intel will work stronger on thier GPU developments and create discreet GPUs that will be more powerful then thier current GMA series.  They might have a stronger alliance with apple as a result and apple will gain more ground marketshare

Shoney's review for 06.03.11

Shoney's review for 06.03.11:
On this visit to shoney's we were greeted nicely and the activity level was moderate. We were attended to in a very acceptable time frame and the waitress was very nice. She was very polite. We got our drinks in a decent timeframe.
I had a coffee and my sister had a mellow yellow or something like it. Both drinks were as specified and I got the proper amount of sugar and creams I wanted.
We waited to give my sister more time to order and she gave us enough time and came back in a decent timeframe. To take our order.
I will note that they downsized the menus, thus I will be deducting 1 star as a result. They did not even have grilled cheese sandwiches, a normal staple for a sit-down chain.
We gave our order of the following items, which I will review now:
I had the steak and eggs breakfast meal. The eggs were ok, not the best tasting, but not nasty in any way. Could have used: to coat the frying pan with butter and then add a little olive oil in it …

windows 8 metro Ui--->Love it or hate it?

if MS would work less on this UI crap and more on getting good features like better security, more recovery options for people getting infected with malware, better performance with hard drives, let the 3rd party themes work without UXTheme hacks, better networking, etc... then people would start to like MS more, but really this is so tiring.

and this metro UI would look downright silly in my house.... I got a dark fancy atmosphere and this interface looks like it belongs in some hipster whitebox "modernist" apartment

and also... we like our "old fashioned" guis they are stable and productive and we are all used to them and have them in muscle memory.... all these damn devs think they have to change them "cause they're bored" is not good! We get good results with our current GUIs.

the current windows 7 interface is pretty and bright and approachable. this looks too edgy.... is microsoft trying to be like lady gaga or urban outfitters? that does not m…