windows 8 metro Ui--->Love it or hate it?

if MS would work less on this UI crap and more on getting good features like better security, more recovery options for people getting infected with malware, better performance with hard drives, let the 3rd party themes work without UXTheme hacks, better networking, etc... then people would start to like MS more, but really this is so tiring.

and this metro UI would look downright silly in my house.... I got a dark fancy atmosphere and this interface looks like it belongs in some hipster whitebox "modernist" apartment

and also... we like our "old fashioned" guis they are stable and productive and we are all used to them and have them in muscle memory.... all these damn devs think they have to change them "cause they're bored" is not good! We get good results with our current GUIs.

the current windows 7 interface is pretty and bright and approachable. this looks too edgy.... is microsoft trying to be like lady gaga or urban outfitters? that does not mesh well with a company that provides professional software. this interface is more in line with a hip startup that develops software for urban teens.

also this design reminds me of some of the "in store" walmart graphics and signage in thier newer remodeled locations.... that blue metro concept UI in another thread is a bad example of it. do you really want to think of wal mart every time you use your computer?

I think they should have the following editions:

Normal builds:
Performance editon (like the current windows 7 but highly trimmed down and optimized for gaming and hi-demand applications) (no metro UI interface,uses windows 7 look but improved in a more professional look) (just like the professional edition of windows 7)
Normal home edition (can have aero and aero lite) (comes with full 'standard' stuff and equiv to Home premium) (with metroUI ran like MC is in HP/Ultimate)

HTPC builds:
Theater edition (black or dark metro theme for rooms with the lights out as default but has color modes and themes) (has the presentation like the vid)

but still:
and I'd rather have a usable and stable "boring" UI and OS then some flashy and unstable OS that I gotta re-adjust to all over again....

the windows 7 interface is more agreeable with people then the metro style.... which only appeals to certain people.