time for tech--->Microsoft Has Acquisition Deal With Nvidia

This site has reported this:

what about apple and linux now? driver support could be bad now!!

this is a scary prediction....

we now have microsoft+nvidia
we now have apple+intel
we now have linux/droid+AMD

a tri-opoly....

intel reads this and announces that they will step up GPU efforts and have stronger alliance with apple
amd reads this and works better with linux as a response and helps fuel development allies with google.

The thing is this could also create higher prices for the consumers, due to the pressures nvidia has with microsoft.

Linux driver development with nvidia will be shafted as a result and AMD might take advantage of that and help them.

intel will work stronger on thier GPU developments and create discreet GPUs that will be more powerful then thier current GMA series.  They might have a stronger alliance with apple as a result and apple will gain more ground marketshare