Remixedcat----->Q and A--->What media players have you used?

I get this question a lot actually.... I've decided to post a quick list of the media players I've used!

Please note I am only including players I've used a decent amount of for at the very least one month. I can add about 50 more, however I only used them one or two sessions and then deleted them. 

I have also attached a brief rating to each.

winamp  (8/10)
sonique and the s2 beta (9/10)
k-jofol (7/10)
SAP audio player (7/10)
creative media software (5/10)
roxio player (4/10)
realplayer (8/10)
windows media player (version 6.4 and above) v6.4 (6/10) v7 (7/10) v8 (7/10) v9 (7/10) v10 (9/10) v11(8/10) v12(6/10)
foobar 2000 (10/10)
kmedia player (7/10)
vlc (8/10)
mpc (10/10)
media monkey (6/10)
media jukebox (10/10)
itunes (4/10)
quicktime (2/10)
soritong (6/10)
musicmatch jukebox (5/10)
realjukebox (8/10) (c)
zune (3/10)

linux: (please note this covers linux only players I've used the linux versions of vlc and it was the same experience)
kafeene (7/10)
xmms (8/10)
beep media player (8/10)
amarok (9/10)
banshee (6/10)
songbird (6/10)
juk (5/10)
xine (9/10)
a-amp (6/10)
several obscure ones....

as you can see I've used a lot!

my favs:

windows current:
Media Jukebox (very powerful and rich music player)
Realplayer (you can download youtube vids with it and it's improved a lot!)
media player classic (very good video player that is bloat free)

windows classic:
Sonique (I love the visuals on this and it has a very powerful audio engine the S2 beta had an even better interface! it sucks how the project has so much drama and it was practically killed by lycos!)
Winamp (still used today by many and it was very powerful and awesome)(still is but I prefer MJ's interface)

Amarok (very nice interface and lots of plugins)
xmms (powerful clone of winamp but dated)
xine (powerful media player)