Shoney's review for 06.03.11

Shoney's review for 06.03.11:

On this visit to shoney's we were greeted nicely and the activity level was moderate. We were attended to in a very acceptable time frame and the waitress was very nice. She was very polite. We got our drinks in a decent timeframe.

I had a coffee and my sister had a mellow yellow or something like it. Both drinks were as specified and I got the proper amount of sugar and creams I wanted.

We waited to give my sister more time to order and she gave us enough time and came back in a decent timeframe. To take our order.

I will note that they downsized the menus, thus I will be deducting 1 star as a result. They did not even have grilled cheese sandwiches, a normal staple for a sit-down chain.

We gave our order of the following items, which I will review now:

I had the steak and eggs breakfast meal. The eggs were ok, not the best tasting, but not nasty in any way. Could have used: to coat the frying pan with butter and then add a little olive oil in it then let it coat good, then put the eggs in and have them on lower heat. (This is how I've never burnt eggs and my eggs are full flavoured eggsellent!) The steak was great though. Not as good as Longhorn Steakhouse, however I may be a bit spoiled. LOL. It came with small “breakfast potatoes” but I didn't eat those.

My sister had chicken strips and fries and she liked her chicken strips and she thought they had good texture, taste and the only thing was the after taste made it seemed like the grease was over used but wasn't enough to ruin it. The fries were excellent, a nice balance between crispy outside and soft inside.

Our waitress was very attentive and took good care of us. She took good care of my coffee and refilled it quickly. Even though she seemed really tired, she was very upbeat and friendly, making us feel very welcome.

We did have a minor complication. My sister ordered the starter version of the chicken strips. They brought her a dinner sized portion, when she pointed it out to the waitress she went right away to resolve the matter she updated our charge to reflect the starter price and needed no explanation and she did not give us hesitation.

Overall our visit was very pleasant.

The quality and our experiences have vastly improved since my previous 4 star rating, which would have earned a 5 star currently. However, since the menu has been severely crippled. It will remain at 4 stars, unless or until, they rethink the change.