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Cisco to acquire Leaba Semiconductor-Possiblility for own chipsets

According to the following site:
TechCrunch Link

Cisco Systems purchased a chipset company called Leaba.

This could pave the way for Cisco to make thier own chipsets for thier networking hardware! This would be great, as they can fine tune them more for networking, A very bold and sorta needed move, as networking is taking more processing power, and licensing costs can be eliminated.

However this would be a HUGE blow to the companies they contract with such as Broadcom, Qualcomm-Atheros, Marvell, Freescale, etc... Cisco has used these companies in thier product ranges and this could be a huge blow to them, as they would not get chip orders if this flows the way I think it might.

We shall watch this unfold and see... This could be better optimized network hardware, or a major problem for the chip manufacturers mentioned