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Get to know the cat! Part one: My setup!

Hi cats and kittens! I've had quite a few people ask me what my setup looks like so I will show you!

All color coded for easy reference and off camera: Cisco Meraki MR12AP and it's downstairs.

Primary systems are the Pink paw desktop and the Blue paw laptop. The other two are for testing the various networking gear I review on this blog.

I also have a system with the following specs downstairs as well:
GrumpyCat/AMD Phenom 9550/4GB DDR2 RAM/500GB SSHD /Nvidia Geforce 8800GT/Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64 bit /NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller

Architecture fail Crumplestiltskin-Citigroup Center

Architecture fail Crumplestiltskin-Citigroup Center

I am basically going to let the video explain this to you. This is the biggest architecture fail I've seen yet and I have no clue how people like this are even in the business to beging with

I also would have told the church owners to ____ off becuase Who are they to think that they are more important then the safety of tons of others?