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Streaming Movie Services Review 2013-2014

Streaming Movie Services Review 2013-2014

Pull up some popcorn and fire up the Roku! Here’s a quick review on a few streaming media services! I picked a group of 10 for this review that is a good sampling.

Mainstream Services:

1)Netflix: 10/10
Pros: Solid service with the largest library of titles avalible. Fast streaming with little buffering on my Roku 3. New UI adds more detail to shows and auto episode progression for those that like to marathon series. Fast UI on the Roku 3 and works smooth. Previous version was smooth as well. Flat monthly fee that has made it less attractive to torrent content. Responsive website. Great mobile app that runs fast.

Cons:Old version that’s confined to the Roku LT,1,and 2 does not have episode progression, has a dated feel, and lacks as much detail as the new version. Sometimes has episode progression issues. 

2)MGO: 9/10
Pros: Very fast streaming. Integrated into the Roku UI. Easy to use. Higher quality then Netflix. Ultraviolet support for cloud stored titles that you purchase. 24 hour rental period with unlimited viewings is a decent deal. Earliest access to titles then any other service!  Some are even the same day as theaters! Easy to use website with lots of personalization controls and a good recommendation system. Web app plays content fast. They have a mobile app, however I do not have a compatible device to test.

Cons: Price can be very steep for some titles, specially Disney ones. They have the highest price and are excluded from all sales/promos Disney is also excluded from UV locker so your content is locked to MGo only and can’t be accessed through Flixter,VUDU, etc. Ownership prices aren’t too bad for most titles. Should have rental duration tiers  for better deals or a discount for re-rental as well. 

3)Crackle: 7/10
Pros: Free! Contains a good bit of content for a free service. Easy to use player and site. Mobile app is great as well. 

Cons: Has ads that can get annoying and inapropriate for some movies. They need to have a system where they are content aware or something. I was watching something really emotional and serious and up comes a frustrating ad for Verizon that made no sense and ruined the mood of the film I was watching. 

4)Amazon Instant: 7/10 (See note on bottom of post for update)
Pros: Fast streaming. Relatively easy to purchase content. Prime streaming was nice. Very up to date content library, however not as bleeding edged as MGO. 

Cons: Still has old style UI on the Roku and it’s not as intuitive as Netflix or MGO’s. Prices are steep for non-prime titles and does not compete with MGO. 

5)EPIX: 5/10
Pros: Very up to date library, decent UI

Cons: Steep pricing Not much to differentiate from MGO or other services

6)HULU Plus: 4/10
Pros: Decent content selection specially in the TV shows category. Timely content library for TV shows. Decent looking app for both mobile and Roku.

Cons: Very sluggish Roku app. Clunky web player. Even though you pay monthly for it you still have ads unlike Netflix. 

Niche/Specialty Services:

1)Funimation channel: 5/10
Pros: Awesome anime selection. Great dubs. 

Cons: Ads. Too much content lumped into “MA” that shouldn’t be just to force you to register and get premium account and sign in. Terrible buffering issues.

2)Crunchyroll: 8/10
Pros: Nice selection of anime and also has very recent content. Free. Decent speeds. 

Cons: Ads. Occasional instability in mobile and Roku apps. 

3)Asian Crush: 10/10
Pros: Awesome place to find obscure Asian films. Best place to find corny Japanese films! Free! 

Cons: None reported. 

4)VEVO: 3/10
Pros: Great place to watch music vids with the largest selection. All content is official. 

Cons: EXTREMELY high bandwidth usage on the Roku app! I found it using 20GB in one night using my Meraki MR12’s built in bandwidth monitoring on it’s firmware to discover this! Please stay away from this if you got bandwidth caps! Inferior quality compared to their own YouTube channel.  

Conclusion: My favorites of all these are Netflix, MGO, and Crunchyroll and Asian Crush. Those services performed well and are in sync with their target market. 

ADDED AMAZON NOTE:  For on-demand titles as well as averages and for the movie service part only and not the shipping part. Sorry if it was misleading . Some titles are not prime ready so you have to pay for them. The app is referred to as Amazon Instant Video on the Roku and covers all Amazon prime and non-prime content. I consider it a hybrid service rather then a flat monthly.

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Remixedcat's 2014StarterPackVol1

Please click here to download the wallpaper pack
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Thank you for downloading.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


This addon for both firefox and google chrome has been installing itself randomly on lots of systems. Even those that have only gone to a limited amount of websites. 

This malware/addon appeared on my sister's chrome install today. 

Some developers that have workstations that only go on thier company's sites and development related sites have reported this addon installed itself.

There are lots of other reports of this from various users on various configurations. 

Firefox reports:

StackExchange reports:

Reddit thread:

UPDATE!!! I have found an anti virus client that was able to delete the source file where this malware came from called updater.exe and I am an affiliate of them so I am able to give you guys a HUGE discount on this!

You will need to click on this link and you can protect 5PCs for 30 bucks!

Tech Quickies: Mozilla FirefoxOS/phone: No USA launch planned

So Mozilla is putting thier browser even more on the backburner for this? 

and it's not even releasing in the US where it would be doing the best. They only plan on having it in"developing nations" which would mean EXTREMELY limiting market share and make it not seem worth the effort, and resource redirection. Mozilla has lost its way and it's mind!

They have been making dumb changes to Firefox for years, not fixing the bloat/crashing, Ignoring users suggestions/reports, and sitting with thier fingers in thier ears and now they misredirect thier allready drained resources for this and then blow it.

Mozilla has really lost it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

SOE will ban players from games for social media posts?

ALERT! If you are on a lot of social networking sites/forums you better watch what you say and do because you might just get banned from your games!!!

"Abusive behaviour on Twitter could see the perpetrator banned from playing Sony Online Entertainment’s online titles.

That’s the message from SOE’s director of global community relations Linda Carlson, who told Games Industry that ensuring their games offer a friendly and welcoming environment is one of the company’s top priorities.

"Not only will we ban your forum account, but if it's serious enough we'll call up customer service and have you banned from all of our games,” she stated. “We do not need those individuals as customers."

I completely think this is gonna hurt the company more, people will avoid their games and with that kinda distrusting attitude towards customers, they won't get my money! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Architects are trying to kill us

Architects are trying to kill us....

There's this architect called Rafael Vinoly that designs very striking and curved buildings that have curved people's perspective on buildings. He has top tier clients like Vdara and 20 Fenchurch. Now if those clients wanted to generate solar power for thier buildings and surrounding commmunities it would be praised and awarded on so many fronts, however this is not the case, as instead of generating enery they are generating a hot mess of melted cars, carpets, shopping bags, cups, and swimmers!

The first building is the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. A high end resort hotel that has all the high end amenities including thier very own "death ray", as called by employees. If you want to have the full sensual spa and luxury experience and then wanna "end it all" after loosing millions in Vegas why not go out by a stylish pool?

Also check out this film someone made of it!!

The second building is 20 Fenchurch. Dubbed "walkie talkie" and "walkie scortchie" has got lots of people talkie over the mayhem it emits to the tune of setting a barber shop's carpets on fire, and seems to have something against Jaguar cars (must be a BMW or Mercedes fanboy) by melting one and causing extensive damage! Yes, cats and kittens it MELTED A JAG! If it can melt a poor cat car then you wouldn't wanna hang around!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cool tools of the month-July-2013

Here's my first Cool Tools of the Month episode!

First off is Amped Wifi Analytics:
Use this tool to get detailed info on the wireless networks around you so you can optimize yours

Second is an awesome Google Chrome addon called Stylish that you can alter the apperance of many websites.

 if facebook or google are too white and hurt your eyes than you can make them darker  or just a different, more pleasing color.

Third is a network tool called PRTG and you can monitor uptime of various "sensors" of your network like bandwidth, uptime, packet sniffing, etc. 

I use this to check on server health and performance

Friday, July 26, 2013

Babies afraid of cows??? o_O

OK, Now I know that you all saw that babies were scared of Elmo.... now It's also true that they are afraid of cows too. This is very strange and do any of you know how or why they would be afraid of cows? Is it becuase they think the cow is making fun of them for being fat? Is it becuase the sounds reminds them of a nasty sound in the womb? Please tell us why you would think that so many people would be afraid of cows? Even a adult was afraid of a cow!

Cow 1:

Cow 2:

Cow 3:

Cow 4:

Cow 5:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Could this be the weirdest restaurant ever?

I think this meme is appropriate here:

Ok, here we go. There's this place called Harold's chicken shack and it's a chain place. They have a location in Madison,WI and here's the story:

It's a chicken shack so there's not much to expect. However I will get to the points:

There's a guy there that walks around and sells bootleg DVDs.
There's a cook that goes around calling everybody "fool".
The cashier keeps a baby under the register.
The manager likes to go out in the rain, come back in dripping wet, and serve the customers in the dripping wet.

That's right and this place is known for that.

Please click here to access the Yelp! reviews

Have any of you eaten there? If so, please share your experience!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Innovation Cooling CEO throws tantrum on TechPowerUp forums!

The CEO of Innovation Cooling LLC, Makers of IC Diamond thermal paste/compound/TIM offered a challenge on the widely popular enthusiast community TechPowerUp. They offered to send some samples of the product to the members and to post before (using competition TIM) and after (using ICD).

Members were interested and posted thier findings, however some members have reported that the TIM has damaged coolers/components. Instead of offering corrections, the CEO was denying the problems and accused the community of doctoring images and conspiring to bring his company down. However this was not the case, they simply wanted the issue corrected and for the CEO to be honest about a defect in the product.

The defect was large particles that were highly abrasive and left knicks in the components/coolers. Also some staining was reported as well.

Original thread intro:

The crap hits the fan on this page:

One member's pics:

The CEO of the company, instead of admitting his wrongdoings posted statements such as:

"Just because you dig up your dead grandmother put a couple of bullets in her and post her bullet ridden corpse on a forum as proof I killed her does not mean that's what happened.
Some conditions do apply to "evidence"

People have posted about this on the company's official facebook page and the CEO has deleted comments, even those written professional and sincerely.

He really could have fixed it by replacing components damaged by the TIM and responded politely and professionally. Instead he threw a fit and accused members of things they did not and would never do.

This is NOT how you manage PR.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Apple Seeks Patent For Waze-Style Crowdsourced Navigation

Apple is seeking a patent for crowdsourced navigation with traffic data. ifans are prolly getting very excited about this but there's just one problem... It allready exists through applications such as Inrix Traffic! and Waze.

The process of reporting looks very much like the screen for reporting an incident with Inrix and the general layout and feel of the application looks like Inrix as well

I really think that apple's implementation of this will not be as successful as Inrix and everyone knows how terrrible thier shot at mapping related software was!

I actually hope Inrix takes action against this.

Monday, June 10, 2013

MGM Grand review 6.6.13

MGM Grand review 6.6.13

Intro: Check-in went pretty smooth and no issues. Hotel layout is very strange though and there is a very long walk from one thing to the other. it could have been designed better.
Room detail (negative): The room itself looked very nice and had a nice feel to it. However, the rooms lack a mini fridge and microwave to reheat stuff and also there is no coffee pot in the room as well. WARNING: DO NOT USE THE 'MINI FRIDGE' AS A FRIDGE! IF YOU TAKE THE STUFF OUT TO PUT YOUR OWN IN THEY WILL CHARGE YOU FOR USING IT. They did give us a notice that we can ask housekeeping for one for 35 bucks, however they did not tell you a notice before we got into the fridge! Also the plug for the laptop on the lamp is broken and the plug slides in and the laptop does not indicate being on AC power.The bathroom faucet was very loud and my sis's ears were ringing. 

Room detail (positive):The wifi did connect right away and there is no login needed. They also recently upgraded the network as well. The shades aree neat you can have a sheer to let a lil light in or blackout to let you sleep in longer. Fixture quality is decent. TV and entertainment center is really nice and you can plug in game consoles or a laptop with HDMI. Shower looks nice and has curving shower curtain rod. Toilet is in a nook for a lil privacy. I slept really good in the room and the beds are decent. Pollows were good too.

Overall I am going to give the MGM Grand a 2.2 star rating. The rooms are nice and the location is perfect and the wifi was great, however the negatives listed above take the rating down from 4.5 stars to 2.2 stars.

Other stuff:
The pool was very nice and relaxing, it had a lot of different types of pools and they even played my kind of music (dance/trance/electro) and the vibe was nice. The casino floor was nice as well. Most of all the show KA was AMAZING!
Amenities rating: 5 stars

Recommended: Mabye to no.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Candlewood Suites Extended Stay Hotel Columbia review 6.3.13

Stay location:Columbia,MO

Stay duration: 6.2.13 to 6.3.13

Room rate: 10,000points

Please note: I did not do the booking, my mom did. She used points instead of a credit card.

We are just staying here for the night on the way to Vegas.

Pros: Large rooms, decent layout, full kitchens, wifi has strong signal (4 bars) toilets flush good, big laptop work area, bedroom has closing door.

Cons: They lied about having free breakfast. The holiday inn site specified that it had that, however it was not present at this location and that was one of the deciding factors to choosing this place. They also gave us the wrong room when we got here. we booked a standard suite (1 bedroom) and they gave us a studio. We have 3 people in our party. They did move us to the proper room. Wifi has a wierd login that is finicky on my android. Also needs to have both a username and password instead of just using a WPA2 key or just a password on a page like the other holiday inn brands do. hotel has cramped feel and lobby is too small for many people wating to check in or out.


Based on room overall I would have given this place an easy 4 stars, however due to the problems indicated above I will give this hotel a 2 star rating

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Remixedcat’s Tech Company Response report 2012-2013 Part one

                Remixedcat’s Tech Company Response report 2012-2013 Part one
5/18/2013 11:30:33 PM
Type of inquiry
Rating detail
Rating speed
Inrix Traffic
Product suggestions/general
Quick and smooth responses

SimEx Iwerks
Service questions/park creation assistance
Amazingly quick response to a weird inquiry!

Website/forum feedback
Very quick to fix a site issue

Product defect/product suggestions
Excellent and stress free customer service/Excellent social media interaction!

Requested tech specs
Did not even bother to respond to request for tech specs for IEMs.Terrible.

Product suggestion
Inquiry about external antennas on routers, fast response, however no word on changes

Product advisory
Fast to suggest IEMs for budget conscious user

Technical suggestions
Regarding battery meter on Voyager Pro + headset. Explained well about firmware issues with android interfacing. Detailed reasoning as to why it won’t work. Firmware not upgradable to achieve result.
Social media post on product question
No response

General product question
No response

Product defect
No response

RMA request
Fast and clear/RMA process not as painless as Logitech

Restaurant Rants: Amy's baking company

 Restaurant Rants: Amy's baking company

This is the most evil restaurant I've ever seen. I have no clue how these people stayed in business so long and It makes me sick how assinine companies like them get tons of business while lots of good people would kill to have those customers.

Gordon Ramsey was only trying to help these people become a world class eatery and they refused it.

I really love this show and I think there needs to be more shows that expose crap like this and it betters us all. 

More info here:

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Logitech Ultimate Ears 350vi review

Logitech Ultimate Ears 350vi review

1.      Intro/features
2.      Sound (Music)
3.      Reliability and support experience
4.      Comfort
5.      Overall

The Logitech Ultimate Ears 350vi are an entry level premium In Ear Monitor set. They’ve been laser tuned for heavy bass response and are tuned for listeners of electronica, house, and hip-hop. The vi’s feature iphone/ipod controls for answering calls, switching tracks, adjusting volume, pausing, previous and next tracks, etc.

Sound (music)
The UE 350vi IEMs have a very deep bass response in comparison to the Maximo imetal i390s that I have.  (Please note: I was unable to obtain a response curve from Maximo, neither have I gotten a reply from their support about it)

Here’s the frequency response curve of the UE350s

As you can see it’s tuned for bass for EDM fans. I really love that for my kind of music, however those that prefer a more balanced soundstage for acoustic or guitars would be best off with one of their other models or look into another brand.
The music it did the best for me was Hands-Up style music. Hands-Up is a type of music that originated from Commercial Trance around 2002-2003 that can be described as the brighter, harder side of Trance. The style is complex and very fast paced. That style is very bass heavy and the highs are fast as well. This style requires fast bass response and the UE350s deliver on that. However the mids are drowned out occasionally, depends on the song. The accuracy for this style of music was the best genre for the UE350s I’ve tested. The i390s had a much more defined midrange and vocals were presented better, however the i390s lacked a lot of the bass response needed to fully enjoy this style of music. Hardstyle has results that are like this as well since both genres are fairly close.
The UE350s did good for Trance music on the lower end and the higher end. Both parts of the spectrum were tight and powerful, however the mids were washed out and the soundstage is not as wide for this genre of music. However, the bass was very layered sounding and not boomy unlike the i390s. The i390s had a wider soundstage for Trance, however had lacking bass response for the extra thrill.
Pop had some more life brought to it with enhanced bass response. The highs were not as clear for this style of music. Midrange sounded comfortable and not as harsh as the i390s for this style of music. However the nuances of the midrange were lost a little in the UE350s.
Rock music is not recommended for the UE350s. Guitars are not as present and heavy EQ is required to correct and may cause distortions. The bass was good for this, however mids are lacking.

Reliability and support experience
I have had these for 1 week and 2 days. I purchased these directly from Logitech. The right driver unit suddenly got quieter, even though I’ve babied these. I was listening fine with these and I set them down on my desk gently to get a cup of coffee and I came back, put these on and the right driver unit is 40% quieter. I have eliminated my sound card as the problem by pugging them into my phone and they still had the same problem. I also connected another set of IEMs I had (the imetal i390s) and both driver units work fine. I also connected the imetals to my phone and both sides work fine as well. So that eliminates my devices as being the cause of the right driver unit not working properly.
I have called them at call time 6:50PM friday march 8th call duration: 21mins 3 secs Rep was easy to get a hold of (2 rings and they answered) Will send replacement UE350.
One good thing is I was not required to send back the defective set so this makes it easier to deal with.
Received my replacement UE350vi’s on 3.18.13 and we shall see how long these last!

I will post an update when this changes!

I wore these for 12 hours (one 7 hour session with a 45 minute break and then another 5 hour session) and they were starting to get irritating after a while with Comply tips. I do not recommend wearing the standard silicon tips for more then 4 hours, as when I had a 6 hour session my ears kinda hurt.  I did this on a day after I took a shower so my ears are extra clean. I recommend keeping your ears very clean with all IEMs if you wanna have them last longer as well as not making you feel icky.

I highly recommend these for someone seeking a cheap pair of IEMs that have a lot of bass for EDM music and something  to work with iphones. There is a model made for Android called the 350vm, however I do not have that one, as the vi is the one that you get by default if you order directly from I hope the driver unit issue is resolved with this replacement and I will keep you all posted and updated on this.

Rating: 7.8/10 overall
Recommended: Yes

Update: Soundcloud file added

Friday, April 19, 2013

Architecture Fail:The guard rail


This isn't gonna be safe for the kids.... they will still fall down the stairs! This house is fine if you don't have kids but if you do they will fall down the pit! They could have at least put another bar in it! Otherwise it's really nice!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Musical Mayhem! Part one: rips off popular trance song

This has me furious! I'm a huge trance fan and our genre gets crapped on all the time and this is just disgusting. released his song Let's go-Feat. Chris Brown and trance fans were furious.

Here's the reason. That song is a blatant rip of the song Rebound by Arty and Matt Zo and has not been authorized to use that track. What did was illegal.

For your convienence I have posted both versions. First is the original version by Arty and Matt Zo:

The second is the song Let's go-Feat. Chris Brown:

As you can tell this is not just a remixing of the melody or a rehash... it's a TOTAL AND COMPLETE RIP of that song! They didn't even have permission to do this. They make millions off this song. The original artist is NOT COMPENSATED for it. is pathetic and this shows how  bad he is that he would stoop so low to do this.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Remixedcat's Wallpaper showcase 2

Click on image links to download