Candlewood Suites Extended Stay Hotel Columbia review 6.3.13

Stay location:Columbia,MO

Stay duration: 6.2.13 to 6.3.13

Room rate: 10,000points

Please note: I did not do the booking, my mom did. She used points instead of a credit card.

We are just staying here for the night on the way to Vegas.

Pros: Large rooms, decent layout, full kitchens, wifi has strong signal (4 bars) toilets flush good, big laptop work area, bedroom has closing door.

Cons: They lied about having free breakfast. The holiday inn site specified that it had that, however it was not present at this location and that was one of the deciding factors to choosing this place. They also gave us the wrong room when we got here. we booked a standard suite (1 bedroom) and they gave us a studio. We have 3 people in our party. They did move us to the proper room. Wifi has a wierd login that is finicky on my android. Also needs to have both a username and password instead of just using a WPA2 key or just a password on a page like the other holiday inn brands do. hotel has cramped feel and lobby is too small for many people wating to check in or out.


Based on room overall I would have given this place an easy 4 stars, however due to the problems indicated above I will give this hotel a 2 star rating