MGM Grand review 6.6.13

MGM Grand review 6.6.13

Intro: Check-in went pretty smooth and no issues. Hotel layout is very strange though and there is a very long walk from one thing to the other. it could have been designed better.
Room detail (negative): The room itself looked very nice and had a nice feel to it. However, the rooms lack a mini fridge and microwave to reheat stuff and also there is no coffee pot in the room as well. WARNING: DO NOT USE THE 'MINI FRIDGE' AS A FRIDGE! IF YOU TAKE THE STUFF OUT TO PUT YOUR OWN IN THEY WILL CHARGE YOU FOR USING IT. They did give us a notice that we can ask housekeeping for one for 35 bucks, however they did not tell you a notice before we got into the fridge! Also the plug for the laptop on the lamp is broken and the plug slides in and the laptop does not indicate being on AC power.The bathroom faucet was very loud and my sis's ears were ringing. 

Room detail (positive):The wifi did connect right away and there is no login needed. They also recently upgraded the network as well. The shades aree neat you can have a sheer to let a lil light in or blackout to let you sleep in longer. Fixture quality is decent. TV and entertainment center is really nice and you can plug in game consoles or a laptop with HDMI. Shower looks nice and has curving shower curtain rod. Toilet is in a nook for a lil privacy. I slept really good in the room and the beds are decent. Pollows were good too.

Overall I am going to give the MGM Grand a 2.2 star rating. The rooms are nice and the location is perfect and the wifi was great, however the negatives listed above take the rating down from 4.5 stars to 2.2 stars.

Other stuff:
The pool was very nice and relaxing, it had a lot of different types of pools and they even played my kind of music (dance/trance/electro) and the vibe was nice. The casino floor was nice as well. Most of all the show KA was AMAZING!
Amenities rating: 5 stars

Recommended: Mabye to no.