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Remixedcat’s Tech Company Response report 2012-2013 Part two

Remixedcat’s Tech Company Response report 2012-2013-2014 Part Two 1/5/2014 06:02:58PM Brand Type of inquiry Rating detail Rating speed Comments Webroot Software Product support/Sales questions/Social media 10/10 10/10 Quick and smooth responses/Friendly staff

Amazon RMA request/Credits issue 10/10 10/10 Quick and painless RMA

Roku Product suggestions/technical issues 10/10 10/10 Very quick and responsive! They even brought YouTube to the Roku 3! Very nice to deal with!

Cisco Meraki MX60W review

1)Intro 2)Features
3)Key Feature Tour 4)Setup 5)Wireless configuration 6)Throughput tests (Wireless/Wired) 7)Mixed connections stress test 8)Closing Notes
Intro: The Meraki MX60W is a enterprise level office security appliance that is a robust full featured enterprise router/firewall that is affordable for small to medium businesses, has lots of features, is cloud managed so it can be controlled and administrated from any computer with an internet connection, and can tolerate a lot of heavy usage that enterprises require. 

Features: The MX60W features the following:

1) Stateful firewall supporting 20 concurrent users @ 100Mbps
2) Layer 7 firewall controls with tons of site blocking presets to help block against P2P, sports, social media, video streaming sites and more as well as custom hostnames and expressions.
3) 4 wired Gigabit LAN ports
4) 3 x 3.5dBi  dual band external SMA antennas with 30dBm (1W!) output power for great wireless coverage and can also be upgraded for even better range.
5) Up t…