Friday, November 2, 2012

Amped Wireless AP20000G Quick Review

We are going to be reviewing the Amped Wireless AP20000G Wireless access point. Here's a preview of our findings so far. A more comprehensive review will be posted later as we test more.

Quick Specs:
Processor Speed: 620Mhz
Wireless Standard: 802.11a/b/g/n
Frequency Band: 2.4GHz, 5.0GHz (Simultaneous)
Wireless Speed:
2.4GHz: 300Mbps (Rx), 300Mbps (Tx)
5.0GHz: 300Mbps (Rx), 300Mbps (Tx)
Dual 2.4GHz 600mW Amplifiers
Dual 5.0GHz Amplifiers
Dual Low Noise Amplifiers
Wireless Output Power: 29dBm (2.4GHz)
Wireless Sensitivity: -94dBm
Wireless Security: WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA Mixed, WPS
Wireless Access Scheduling: Specific day and time
Guest Wireless Networks (Up to 8)
Supports Wireless Multimedia (WMM)
User Access Control (MAC Address)
2 x High Gain 5dBi Dual Band Antennas
2 x Reverse SMA Connectors
4 x RJ-45 10/100/1000M LAN Ports (Local Ports)
1 x RJ-45 10/100/1000M Network Ports (Router/Network Connection)
1 x USB 2.0 Port (for USB Storage)
Power Adapter Rating: Switching Adapter, Input: 100-240v, Output: 12v, 1A


The initial setup wizard was very easy and quick and should get most typical users setup within 2 minutes including a reboot of the router. 

just type into any browser and follow the extremely easy prompts!

The AP20000G has features like MAC filtering, WPS, access control schedules,etc...

The AP20000G features 4 guest networks per band (frequency) 

The AP20000G Also features USB storage  also which is extremely easy. 

Wireless performance (quick overview):
We are mostly going to do real world performance tests on the AP.

First test.... streaming video: I went outside around 175 feet from the AP20000G and I was able to stream YouTube videos with little buffer. This amazed me. Please note that there are 5 other networks near my house and my AP is placed at the opposite end of the house! HD did have some buffering at that distance, however it was actually tolerable. HD had NO BUFFERING/pausing at around 75 ft and pre- loaded 25% of a 35 min video is about 8-15 seconds. It takes 35-45 seconds or more for that much prebuffer to fill on my Netgear WGR614.  Very nice!

2nd streaming video test: was able to stream SD video and at a decent speed with little buffering at 230ft!!! AWESOME!!!!


Gaming test: We setup an Xbox 360 with the built in WLAN controller on it and we put it through a few online games and it performs on par with the wired Xbox 360 that doesn’t have the WLAN controller! No lag related to the wireless at all even with other APs using the same channels and microwaves have been used close to it as well. AWESOME!!!!

Browsing on all wireless devices is on par with wired throughout the house.

I highly recommend this Access Point so far!


Monday, October 22, 2012

INRIX Traffic for Android Unveils Major Update

Inrix Traffic is a multi platform smartphone app that displays real time traffic data.

The free app gives you access to the largest traffic network in the world, making your Android smartphone a personal traffic reporter that helps you avoid gridlock with up-to-the-minute traffic conditions or a forecast for major roadways.

They just released an overhaul to thier android app!

From thier site:

Here’s what you can do with the improved INRIX Traffic app for Android:
Know the fastest route: INRIX Traffic can provide you with up-to-the-minute traffic maps for 1 million miles of highways, interstates and city streets nationwide.
Determine the best time to leave and travel times using the predictive traffic feature: The app can help you get where you need to go faster by showing how traffic conditions and travel times are expected to change during your drive, based on historical data as well as local weather and events.
Share INRIX arrival times:  Is someone waiting for you at the end of your drive? They won’t have to wonder when you’ll arrive, because now you can easily share your arrival time via email or text message with any contact in just a few taps.
Get personalized traffic alerts: You can personalize the app to display alerts on your Android phone when accidents and other traffic causing delays might affect you on your routes.
Community Traffic Alerts: INRIX Traffic combines traffic data with real-time reporting from INRIX Traffic users to help everyone plan the best routes and adjust quickly to accidents and other incidents that affect traffic. Using the app, you can instantly view and alert others to incidents along your route with just a few taps.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stardock Fences has a new version.... but no longer free...

STARDOCK.... grrrr...

Fences is what I use to organize my dekstop icons... it's a very useful program and it's free....

not anymore... now THEY HAVE THE BALLS TO CHARGE 10 BUCKS NOW....



anyone that has it better back up the old version .exe files.

what the hell??? they just shot themselves in the foot. this was a 'gateway drug' becuase people get hooked on stardock stuff that way.... throw a few useful free stuff to the users... they fall in love with it... then they are more likely to buy your other stuff.... now they take that away.... now they won't have that effect anymore.

Friday, October 5, 2012

A quick music note....

mariah carey wastes her voice on R&B crap when she clearly doesn't fit that style in her vibe or her voice... it's like Charlotte Church wasting her operatic voice that would be perfect for trance on crappy folk-pop trash. "Brave new world" from Jurgen featuring her is amazing and she should have gone down that path and she would be right up there with Emma Hewitt or Kirsty Hawkshaw and been more famous and would have had excellent industry staying power.... folk-pop has the lowest staying power since you need to tie yourself up in imagery, lyrics, and lots of fan demands and stuff like that.... and be able to have a complete rebirth on every album as well as have commercial overhaul, expense, and heavy marketing... fans will hate you for re-using any of it so it has to be fresh, and be more quirky and more deep then the last album...

true EDM artists (not shit like gaga, skirllex,etc) don't need that to be successful. Hell some of them have no imagery.... no flashy covers, no flashy music videos, no quirky and storytelling lyrics, no fluff, just awesome music and an amazing journey you take yourself on... you choose your adventure with listening to EDM and you make the song your own... it's music for creators, not consumers... that's the reason some simple minded people can't latch on to it and hate on it becuase they need to be fed imagery , they need to be spoonfed a thought they need to relate to an artist on a personal level.... instead of creating thier own worlds and realities... this is why people that listen to EDM often can get themselves through some tough situations... they bring that power to themselves they create it from within.... and it's amazing....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Slinky Building!

THE ARK is a hotel by Russian design firm Remistudio and is meant to be self-sufficient. The transparent foil roof would allow light to reach plants inside, and the waste produced in the building would be converted into fuel. The cupola is meant to be energy-efficient, and its shell basement with cables and arches is designed to distribute weight evenly to make it earthquake- and flood-resistant.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RemixedCat's ultimate Hands-Up List!

Here's my ultimate list of the best Hands-Up tracks that I love!!!

Please note: These are YouTube Links and we are not responsible for content in them. If you want your link removed please contact me. Thanks

Discuss those here as well....

I've also added the year and the duration as well....

1-1,2,3 Keep the Spirit Alive-Jan Wayne feat. Danielle-3:33-2003
2-2nd Star (Masterblaster Remix)-M2B-3:32-2004
5-Hurricane(Rob Mayth Remix Edit-Alex Megane-3:50-2005
6-Girl (Uhh Uhh Yeah Yeah)-Aquagen-3:30-2004
7-Runaway-Groove Coverage-3:07-2005
8-Damn! (Remember the time)-Baracuda-3:34-2003
9-Baby I Love Your Way (Flashrider Remix)-Partycheckerz-2:59-2005
10-Heres Comes That Sound-Bass-T-3:44-2002
11-B-B-Baby (Kiss Me and Repeat)-Mandy & Randy-4:06-2005
12-My First Love (Alex Megane Mix-Belushi-3:36-2004
13-Everytime We Touch-Cascada-3:18-2005
14-Bad 4 Good-Marco Larusso-3:48-2005
15-devil in disguise-aycan-3:20-2006
16-I Wont Let You Down-Sunfactor Feat Eileen-3:28-2002
17-Face 2 Face-Future Trance United-4:03-2003
18-Moonlight Shadow (Rocco Remix)-Groove Coverage-3:02-2002
19-Fly on the Wings of Love-Topmodelz-3:56-2002
20-Flying High-Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T-3:08-2005
21-Highway To The Sky (Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T Remix)-Klubbingman-3:16-2003
22-Generation Of Love (Rave Remix)-Rocco-3:45-2003
23-fly on the wings-pvs-3:03-2006
24-Everybody S Free-Aquagen Feat Rozalla-3:32-2002
25-trouble-2 Vibez-3:18-2004
26-Here I Am-Special D.-2:54-2005
27-Ive Been Thinking About You-Damae feat. Londonbeat-3:16-2004
28-God is a Girl-Groove Coverage-3:36-2002
29-million miles from home-akira-3:05-2006
30-Let it Be Love-Peat Jr & Fernando-3:37-2006
31-My Heart Goes Up-Keira Green-3:02-2004
32-Stars 2002-Mental Theo-3:09-2002
33-Goin' Crazy (Rocco vs. Bass-T-Hardbody Babes-3:02-2003
34-Hypnotic Tango-Master Blaster-2:56-2003
36-Move Your Feet (Pulsdriver Single Mix)-Klubbdriver-3:06-2005
37-Technoromance (Pulsedriver Rad-Floorfilla-3:43-2003
38-Time To Wonder(Brooklyn Bounce Retro Mix)-DJs @ Work-3:55-2002
39-Why don't you Dance with me-4 Clubbers-3:06-2003
40-Here I Am-Patrick Bunton-2:58-2005
41-Star (Cansis Remix Radio Edit)-Daniel Hope-3:27-2008
42-The Riddle (Topmodelz Edit)-Marco van Bassken-3:25-2008
43-Jumping love (Radio Edit)-Chris Bates-3:35-2008
44-see me feel me-scooter-4:07-2006
45-The Whistle Song [Short Mix]-Pulsedriver-3:38-2006
46-When The Rain Begins To Fall (Extended)-Age Pee-5:28-2005
47-Force Of Nature-Groove Coverage-3:05-2003
48-The One and Only (Topmodelz Radio Cut)-Mario Lopez-3:45-2008
49-Whe Youre Looking Like That (Rob Mayth Edit)-Topmodelz-3:32-2008
50-Ritmo De La Noche (Rocco Vs. Bass-T Rmx Edit)-Nimbus-3:14-2007
51-The Rhythm Of The Night (Mad Summer Radio Edit)-Verano-3:07-2008
52-Love u more (Topmodelz Edit)-Speakerz-3:42-2007
53-Find Your Way-Jens O-3:10-2007
54-Your Heart Keeps Burning (White Bunny RMX Edit)-Lazard-3:52-2006
55-Dont Fade Away 2008-Gambas & Alvaro-3:51-2007
56-A Step Too Far (Original Radio Edit)-Refresh-3:05-2008
57-Walking a Line (Kindervater Rmx Edit)-Cane-3:23-2007
58-The Last Unicorn (Cansis Remix Edit)-Double Inc.-3:50-2008
59-You wanted Love (Radio Edit)-2 Vibez-3:10-2007
60-All I Want-Liz Meyer-3:38-2008
61-Because I Love You-Groove Coverage-3:10-2007
62-The Music (Kindervater Radio Mix).Mp3-Ultra Dj’s-2:59-2007
63-Tell Me Why I'm Crying Out (Rocco & Bass-T Remix Cut)-Stylerockerz-3:20-2008
65-Everytime You Need Me-Kindervater Feat. Nadja-2:52-2007
66-Never Stop this Feeling (Rocco and Bass-T Rmx Edit)-Klubbingman-3:36-2007
67-Heart To Heart (Original mix)-Rob Mayth-4:51-2008
68-You Came (Single Mix)-Future Trance United pres. Cream-3:04-2008
69-Sleeping Satelite (K La Cuard Edit)-KLC feat. Michelle-3:32-2008
70-Your Love-Topmodelz-3:09-2007
71-In The Air Tonight-Salty Fish-3:49-2008
72-If I Were You-Central Seven-3:26-2007
73-When Love Becomes A Lie-Liz Kay-3:05-2007
74-Let It Be-Groove Coverage-3:33-2006
75-all out of love-keira green-3:12-2006
76-Hymn-Age Pee-3:28-2006
77-Have You Ever Been Mellow (Manox Edit)-Topmodelz-3:46-2008
78-In The Shadows (dj gollum edit)-A.Spencer vs Dj Gollum-3:53-2008
79-What Do You Want From Me-Cascada-3:15-2008
80-Just A Girl (Megara Vs. DJ Lee Remix Cut)-Ian Van Dahl-3:57-2006
81-Bass, Beat & Melody Reloaded! (Rocco & Bass-T Remix Edit)-Brooklyn Bounce-3:03-2010
82-Hold Me Tonight (Radio Mix)-Manian-2:51-2008
83-Promise This (Jorg Schmid Remix)-Cheryl Cole-5:10-2010
84-We Are Alive (DJ Novus ft Grooveriders Remix)-Buzzy-3:33-2008
85-Come Clean (Zooland Bootleg Radio Mix)-Master Blaster-3:57-2009
86-Rhythm Of Love (Original Radio Edit)-DJ Sequenza-3:02-2010
87-Jumping So High (Rocco & Bass-T Radio Edit)-DJ Zkydriver-3:06-2010
88-Hit The Floor (Radio Edit)-Big Bass Inc.-2:52-2009
89-Set Me Free (Rocco & Bass-T Radio Edit)-N-Trance-3:18-2009
90-Worlds Collide (Cc.K meets Klubbingman Remix Edit)-Bootleggerz-3:42-2009
91-When You're Looking Like That (Backslash vs. Mikkas Edit)-Topmodelz-3:26-2008
92-I Turn To You (DJ Gollum Remix Edit)-Empyre One feat. Scarlet-3:23-2008
93-Temple Of Dreams 2010 (Cc.K Tribute To Ft Remix)-Future Breeze Vs. Scoone & Delore-3:19-2010
94-Every Little Move-Jens O Vs. Ti-Mo-3:48-2009
95-Starry Eyed Girl (Manox Remix)-Ultrabeat-3:07-2009
96-Superstar (Empyre One Edit)-Pulsedriver-3:32-2010
97-Feelings Of My Heart (Giorno´s Jump Remix Bass-T Dub Radio Edit)-Emvace feat. Tierra-3:09-2009
98-Loops & Tings (Pulsedriver Edit)-Mike Nero-3:45-2008
99-L'amour Toujours (Jan Wayne Vs. Dj. Gollum Remix)-Jan Wayne Presents Marco Lovei And Dvz-5:02-2011
100-Give Me Your Sign (Radio Edit)-Rocco & Bass-T Feat. Juve-3:23-2011
101-Heartbeat-Punk Freakz-3:15-2009
102-Take on Me (DJ Gollum Remix)-Topmodelz-3:36-2009
103-Love will raise again (Kindervater Edit)-2 Vibez feat. Dee Dee-3:56-2009
104-Rock The Bass (Megara Vs. DJ Lee Remix Edit)-DJ Roxx-2:55-2009
105-Disco Pogo (Rocco & Bass-T Edit)-Die Atzen-3:46-2010
106-Touch Me (Pulsedriver Vs. Frank Raven Edit)-Funky Chicos-3:24-2010
107-Megabounce (Original Radio Mix)-Brooklyn Bounce Vs. Megastylez-3:16-2010
108-Everywhere-Master Blaster-3:19-2009
109-Love Is On Fire-Italobrothers-3:24-2010
110-Lost In Love 2010-Kid Kawaii-3:53-2010
111-Players In A Frame (In Frame Mix Edit)-Rocco & Bass-T-4:01-2010
112-Until The End-Master Blaster-3:27-2010
113-Every You, Every Me (DJ THT Radio Edit)-Criss Sol-3:11-2009
114-Our Generation-Rocco & Bass-T-3:26-2010
115-Tom's Diner (Rocco & Bass-T Remix Cut)-Dirty Impact-3:27-2010
116-What Is Love 2K9 (Cansis Remix Edit)-Klaas meets. Haddaway-3:10-2009
117-Another Day Another Night (Original Mix Edit)-DJ Klubbingman feat. Beatrix Delgado-3:28-2009
118-Another World (Pulsedriver Edit)-Mario Lopez-3:31-2009
119-Never Talk Again-Rocco & Bass-T-3:33-2010
120-Turn the Beat Around (Djs from Mars Remix)-Toby Stuff, Stee Wee Bee-5:52-2010
121-Groove Is The Rule (Radio Edit)-Commercial Club Crew-3:52-2011
122-On the Radio (Hardcharger vs. Aurora & Toxic Remix)-Kompulsor-5:31-2012
123-Everything About You (DJ THT Remix)-Tribune-5:01-2012
124-Non Non Non (the Real Booty Babes Edit)-Lolita Jolie-3:00-2012
125-Friday Nights-Jens O.-2:52-2012
126-Little White Lies (DJ Tht Edit)-Tale & Dutch Vs. Adassa-3:48-2011
127-Love Divided-Kimura & Tube Tonic-3:13-2012
128-Adrenalized-Luengo & Diaz Feat. Tommy Clint-3:42-2012
129-Love is Everywhere (Girno Edit)-Max K.-3:34-2012
130-Falling Stars-Stefan Rio-3:31-2012
131-Taking Over the Dancefloor (Dan Winter Remix)-Slin Project & René de la Moné-5:41-2012
132-Take Back the Dancefloor-Megastylez-3:40-2012
133-One More Time (DJ Tht Vs. Ced Tecknoboy Edit)-Bodybangers Feat. Carlprit & Linda Teodosiu-3:50-2011
134-The Music (Rocco Vs Bass-T RMX Edit)-Marc Lime & K Bastian Feat Ben Ivory-3:34-2011
135-Could it Be Love (Empyre One Edit)-Justin Corza & Greg Blast Meets Addicted Craze-3:34-2011
136-Tease Me, Please Me(DJ Tnt & Van Snyder Remix)-Andrew Spencer-3:52-2012
137-Body and Soul-Jens O.-2:50-2011
138-2 Times (Klubbingman Remix)-Love Unite-3:34-2011
139-Angel Eyes (Commercial Club Crew Remix Edit)-Escon-4:05-2011
140-La Luna 2012 (Cansis Vs. Spaceship Edit)-Commercial Club Crew-3:43-2012
141-Wonderful Days 2k12 (Rocco & Bass-T Edit)-Franky Tunes-3:17-2012
142-Alone Again-Dual Playaz-3:32-2012
143-Like that (Topmodelz Edit)-David Redfiled Feat. Kool-3:20-2012
144-Superhero-Rocco & Bass-T-3:43-2012
145-So Obvious [Radio Edit]-Vibeout-3:43-2012
146-Find My Way (Topmodelz Edit)-Pulsedriver-3:32-2011
147-Wild ones (Smithee remix)-Club Madness-3:45-2012
148-Heartbroken (Empyre One Edit)-Halliday-3:47-2012
149-Holy Ground-Rocco & Bass-T Vs. Redtzer-3:48-2011
150-Shooting Stars-Kindervater-3:20-2012
151-You're my everything (clubhunter extended mix)-Dj Hyo-4:36-2012
152-New Tomorrow (Hands Up Radio Edit)-A Friend In London Vs. Crystal Lake-3:07-2012
153-Stuck on Replay (DJ Tht Remix)-Kris Mctwain-3:43-2012
154-Summer of Love (Ryan T. & Rick M. Edit)-Cascada-3:17-2012
155-Welcome to the Club (Jan Wayne Remix)-DJ Ella Feat. Ricky J-4:54-2012
156-Drive By (DJ Gollum Club Remix)-Danceboy vs Cary August-5:39-2012
157-I Wanna (Dj Hyo Vs. Discoduck Extended Mix)-Dj Hyo-4:42-2012
158-Hands Up-Clubhunter-3:55-2012
159-To Nowhere (Addicted Craze Remix Edit)-Sam Walkertone Feat. Lyssa Lilneaux-3:32-2011
160-Stay with me (hard3eat remix edit)-Nova Scotia feat. Aj-3:33-2012
161-Autumn Shine-Manox-3:41-2012
162-Famous (Pulsedriver's Oldschool Flavour Mix)-DJ Stardust and Benjamin Zane, Pit Bailay-5:15-2012
163-My Emotion-Hennes Petersen-4:37-2012
164-Not Gonna Save The World (Cc.K. Edit)-Cc.K Meets Scoon & Delore-3:55-2012
165-When Will I (Dj Klubbingman Remix)-Dj Fait-5:48-2012
166-We Shine (Jorg Schmid Remix)-Alex Saidac-5:20-2012
167-Here I Go (Redtzer Remix Edit)-Damn-R-3:39-2012
168-Come Dance With Me (DJ Tht Extended Mix)-Vergiluv Vs. Bounce Bro & Van Snyder-4:43-2012
169-Trash the Club (Pulsedriver Oldschool Flavour Remix)-Aligator-4:58-2012
170-Word Up (MaLu Project Remix)-Trashfunk Rockerz-5:09-2012
171-Crazy People (Dancefloor Kingz Remix)-Summerville-4:40-2012
172-Falling in Love (Ced Tecknoboy Radio Edit)-Basslovers United Feat. L.I.M.-3:46-2012
173-The Rhythm Of The Night (Ryan T & Rick M Remix Edit)-Cascada-3:59-2012
174-Another Night 2k12 (Radio Edit)-Rob Mayth-3:43-2012
175-Moonlight Shadow 2k12 (DJ THT Edit)-Empyre One-3:31-2012
177-Crazy (Original Mix)-Club Crusherz!-4:25-2012
178-Melody (DJ Klubbingman Meets Raindropz! Remix)-Clark Owen-6:06-2012
179-Can't Stop My Love (AlexKea feat. RainDropz! Remix)-Clubraiders feat. Adline Owens-5:05-2012
180-Love Is No Game (DJ THT Remix)-Sam G. feat. Sera-5:30-2012
181-Get On The Dancefloor (Club Edit)-N-Vision ft Mattyjandro-3:13-2012
182-World In Our Hands (Xtra J Remix)-Ocean-3:54-2012
183-Lights (Kromax Extended Mix)-Other Ego-5:37-2012
184-DJ Aflame (Cc.K remix)-Manuel Lauren-4:40-2012
185-She Wouldn't Leave me ( Danstyle )-CJ Livermore-5:08-2012
186-Play The Girl (Jammin' the **** Club remix)-Tao Hypah-5:00-2012
187-You Make My Dreams (Marc Hill Feat. E-Hunterz Remix)-Angel Beats Meets DJ Merlin-5:44-2012
188-Mr Big Boom (Club mix)-BASADOR-4:23-2012
189-Letz Dance (Silver Nikan Remix)-D-Block & S-Te-Fan-5:58-2012
190-Hurry Up (Tronix DJ Bootleg Mix)-DJ Barbas-5:21-2012
191-Love In Stereo (G! Mix Edit)-Giorno-3:03-2012
192-Jambo Jambo Jambo (Dan Winter Edit)-Godlike Music Port-3:29-2012
193-Hello You (Vanilla Kiss Remix Radio Edit)-Marc Hill feat. S-Tream!-3:22-2012
194-Gangnam Style (Crystal Lake Remix)-PSY-2:38-2012
195-Bubble Up (Danceboy Remix)-Gummibär-5:37-2012
196-Non Non Non (the Real Booty Babes Edit)-Lolita Jolie-3:00-2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Windows Server 2012 Screenshots and preview

I finally got access to test Server 2012 and I am mixed on it. However I used to not like metro so much but it's kinda growing on me.... However, I wish that MS let us have backgrounds on the Server 2012 start screen it kinda feels nekkid... LOL...

well here's my screen shots:

The server manager Interface is kinda neat, but the red makes it like you go POUND THE ALARM!!! or something.... LOL

And... here's the new task manager... pretty neat and I like the "heat maps"

The UI isn't that bad looking actually.... 

I just wish you can change fonts.... :-(

I will be writing more about this soon. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ghostly and pretty building!

This is a very cool building!!! it looks ghostly and pretty..... this would look so nice on a rainy or snowy day....

This is the place: Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim

credit goes to the following:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Future Trance 61 review

Future Trance is the most hyped up EDM compilation series yet, and I have a quick review for you!

First of all I will tell you a backgrounder on it. It's been going on since 1997, yes, that long, and started out as an underground trance compilation. The songs were very different then what appears on any EDM compilations today.

Now throught the years it started to get more and more mainstream, as it started to include styles like Hands-Up, House, and some electro. It did a good mix until about volume 49, and then from there started to get more and more house tracks. Fans on were pretty furious about the new direction the series was trekking and had several forum posts about that and just about every volume a certain user by the name of trackhacker would tear the series to shreds.

Now this volume pretty much changed a lot and seemed to go back to it's roots.... sort of.... I'd say it's back around the late 30s vols and early 40s vols feel and that was pretty good. Some tracks kinda remind me of the 20s volumes.

Anyways I will present the tracks I like out of this.

The tracks I like are in bold font, The tracks I think are the best are underlined as well

1. ItaloBrothers - My Life Is A Party (Radio Edit)
2. Rocco - Around The Globe
3. Basslovers United - Falling In Love (Radio Edit)
4. A Friend In London vs. Crystal Lake - New Tomorrow (Radio Edit)
5. Cascada - The Rhythm Of The Night (Ryan T & Rick M Remix Edit)
6. Kindervater - Shooting Stars (Classic Radio Edit)
7. Giorno - Love In Stereo (G! Mix Edit)
8. Jens O. - No Limit
9. Rob & Chris - 150 Beatz
10. Airbeat One Project - Turn Up The Party (G4bby feat. BazzBoyz Remix Edit)
11. Stefan Rio - Falling Stars (Ti-Mo Remix Edit)
12. Ekowraith vs. Sample Rippers - Back In The Game (Crazy 1 Remix Edit)
13. Damn-R - Here I Go (Manox Remix Edit)
14. Sunset Project - Welcome Back (Empyre One Remix Edit)
15. Marc Kiss - One In A Million (RainDropz! Remix Edit)
16. Kris McTwain - Stuck On Replay (DJ THT Radio Edit)
17. Scarlet-Angels Unite (Radio Edit)
18. We Are Dance! - We Are Dance! (Original Edit)
19. DJ Klubbingman & Savon - Aurora (Para X Vocal Edit)
20. Gainworx feat. Toni Fox - 45 Seconds (Original Edit)

1. R.I.O. feat. U-Jean - Summer Jam (Crew Cardinal Remix Edit)
2. Guru Josh - Infinity 2012 (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark Remix Edit)
3. Inna - Caliente (Steve Roberts Radio Edit)
4. Groove Coverage - Riot On The Dancefloor
5. House Rockerz - Feiern Ist Wichtig (Crystal Rock Edit)
6. Spencer & Hill feat. Mimoza - Let Out Da Freak (Album Edit)
7. Lasgo - Sky High (Radio Edit)
8. Michel Leroy & Nuff! - Superstring 2K12 (Radio Edit)
9. Basto! & Yves V - Cloudbreaker (Radio Edit)
10. Nature One Inc. - You.Are.Star. (Jerome's Official Anthem Mix)
11. Sander Van Doorn - Nothing Inside (UK Edit)
12. Allure - You Say It´ll Be Okay (Radio Edit)
13. Dennis Sheperd feat. Molly Bancroft - Silence (Club Edit)
14. JohMar feat. Carie - Let Go (Trance Arts Remix Edit)
15. Cedric Gervais - Molly (Club Edit)
16. Green & Falkner feat. Elleah - Break The Silence (Radio Edit)
17. 2G - Killer Love (Club Edit)
18. Global Deejays & Danny Marquez - Go High
19. Paul Van Dyk & Arty - The Ocean (Radio Edit)
20. Klangkarussell - Sonnentanz (Phonique´s Sonnentrance Remix)

CD3 (Rocco & Bass-T in the Mix):
1. Cc.K meets Scoon & Delore - Not Gonna Save The World (S & D Club Mix)
2. Rocco & Bass-T vs. Basslovers United - ASAP (Original Mix)
3. Tom Mountain feat. Nicco - Run It Back (Crystal Lake Remix)
4. DJ Gollum vs. Empyre One - The Bad Touch (Empyre One Remix)
5. Modana & Carlprit - Club Go Mad (Cc.K Remix)
6. Philipp Ray & Viktoriya Benasi - Esta Manana (DJ Gollum Remix)
7. Slin Project & René De La Moné - Taking Over The Dancefloor (Dan Winter Remix)
8. Sasha Dith & Steve Modana - Radio Loves You (Kris McTwain Remix)
9. Gerald G! feat. Mr. Freeman - Dreaming On The Dancefloor (Addicted Craze Remix)
10. Luengo & Diaz - Sexy Criminal (Manox Remix)
11. Ben la Pompe & Pedro De Cabra - La Soupe Aux Choux (Dan Winter Remix)
12. Summerville - Crazy People (Dancefloor Kingz Remix)
13. Bryce feat. J-Malik - Turn Up The Night (Lenny McDustin Remix)
14. Global Cult feat. Dashius Clay - Barcelona (Clubrockers Remix)
15. Petty Joe feat. Uno Jahma - Allez Allez (Kris McTwain Remix)
16. Funky Control - Across The Night (RainDropz! Remix)
17. Megasonic - Outside World 2k12 (Accuface High Energy Remix)
18. Gimbal & Sinan feat. Veela - Windfields (Sinan K. Remix)
19. G&G vs. D-Jastic - In My Mind (Original Mix)
20. Ralph Novell - Lagoon

I will also write reviews for the rest of the series like this as well. So far I think FT is prolly gonna do much better if they keep this up. I have a few suggestions:

1) make hands-up disc 1
2) make trance disc 2 and only trance
3) keep disc 3 as a mix disc

4) increase the dreamy trance tracks for disc 2
5) make the mix disc have hands-up first, then blend into dark trance, then go back to hands-up.

So there you have it...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Applebee's Review for Marietta OH 8.13.12

Applebee's Review for Marietta OH 8.13.12

Intro: wait time was longer then the last couple visits to the Vienna, WV location. The place seems to be a lot more busy after the Reply Guy thing. LOL. Reply guy is awesome!!! Anyways, it was about 10 minutes which is not too bad. Stuff moved along fast. Greeted nicely and attended to not as fast as the Vienna location, however still decent.

Order 1 and 2 (2 for 20 with Boneless wings and Chicken Penne for both of us) We both liked it. Adam (my husband) liked his better then the Blackened Rosemary chicken. I liked mine a lot too, however it could use a little more cheese! The boneless wings were good too, however the sweet and sour ones were way too spicy. So I tried Adam's honey BBQ ones and I normally hate hate hate BBQ anything..... well Applebee's really got something right if I really really liked mine! Extra points for that one! ;-)

Service: decently prompt but not blazingly quick like last 2 visits. Place was busy and everyone including me, Adam, sis, and other people online were having an off day so I am gonna forgive that. Our waiter still did a good job and we had the manager even check on us a couple times and his vibes seemed nice, but I can tell he was a bit tired... LOL. Understandable. ;-)

Overall I was gonna give it a 4.5 stars, however I will give the Marietta,oh Applebee's a 5 because they made me like BBQ again.... But I'm only gonna get their BBQ stuff everyone else's sucks. LOL.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Applebee's review for Vienna,WV 8.01.12

Applebee's review for Vienna,WV 8.01.12

Intro: seated and taken care of very promptly by a very friendly waitress. We got seating by the bar area. Got our drinks very fast as well.

Order 1 (mine): Lemon Shrimp Fettucinni. $11. it was very good and very filling I only was able to eat a third of it and it was very good. Full taste. Very easy to eat and the shrimp was big. Way bigger then olive garden. The alfredo sauce was very good and not like bob evan's sauce that tasted like the smell of elmer's school glue.

Order 2 (husband's): some kinda pasta and he loved it.

Service: Very prompt! We got our food within 10 minutes and it was good. She was very nice, laid back and very attentive.

Very good... easy 5/5!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bob Evans review SS parkersburg WV 7.30.12

Bob Evans review SS parkersburg WV 7.30.12

Intro: took a bit to get seated, but greeted nice and our waiter was nice and casual and cool. Got drinks right away and set up much faster then the Lewisburg,WV location. Wifi worked better as well and was pretty fast.

Order 1 (mine): Salmon of some kind, approx $10. Very good and filling. Had great consistancy and very full taste. Came with a baked potato that also tasted much better then the lewisburg location. I'm pretty full from eating it and it was actually listed as a low-cal option so that makes it even better.

Order 2 (husband's): 3 cheese burger approx $7. it was good. Not much to report.

Service: Much better then the lewisburg, WV location. Very attentive and pretty friendly. Laid back and casual waiter and he was pretty smooth at operations. Not afraid and distant like the lewisburg waitress michelle was. Kept up my coffee very good. Cleared plates fast as well. His other tables seemed to be doing allright as well. This location is much better.

5/5 for this location. Great job.  

Friday, July 27, 2012

review for Bob Evans Lewisburg,WV 7.22.12

review for Bob Evans Lewisburg,WV 7.22.12

intro:greeted coldly watiress was slow to get our drinks and get us set up. wifi wasn't working.

order 1: (mine): chicken alfredo. it tasted like the smell of that Elmer's white school glue! it was gross. got a change to a "portabella" steak that ended up making me sick a couple hours later and I threw up the meal when I got home. (as we ate here on the return tripe from Virginia Beach and I live in Parkersburg,WV) food rating 1/5

service:Michelle was the shift leader as presented on her nametag... she WAS NOT SHIFT LEADER MATERIAL. She was very apathetic and inattentive, she let our plates pile up and the same with other table she was assigned to. She acted afraid to take our menus and looked unconfident in herself. She also was very slow with refills, she did not sem to know the menus well, and her attitude wasn't very welcoming. We did get the order switched fine, however the resolution wasn't satisfactory, as I still got sick. service rating 1/5

Please note: Corporate has been notified. Called Guest relations at 7.23.12 at 1:23PM and they will address this.

overall rating: 1/5

recommended: NO!

Monday, July 23, 2012

cheddar's review 7.19.12 newport news,virginia

cheddar's review 7.19.12 newport news,virginia

Please note this is going to be a quick review, as my other cheddar's reviews generally cover this place well. Please check those out! ;-)

intro: long wait but worth it, this location has a different layout and system, it does not use the coasters that vibrate and blink, they call your name and party size on the intercom.

order 1 (mine) chicken alfredo: was very good. made enough for me to have 2 meals so I had some for later for the hotel.

service: Very engaging and freindly waitress and she was very prompt  and attentive as well.... extremely enthusiastic and you can tell she loved to work there.... I think her name was sherice.

overall 5 stars easy!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Virginia Beach, VA denny's quick review 07.20.12

Virginia Beach, VA denny's quick review 07.20.12

intro: greeted wierdly, wasn't seated promptly and there were plenty of empty tables, our table wasn't even cleaned off very good, took a very long time just to get drinks! wifi was there but it was filtered and blocked a couple tech news forums I visit that aren't malicious or that bad. took 12 minutes to connect as well

order 1: mine: it was some kinda tilapia and it tasted good, it came with cheesy taters and they weren't all that great. food rating 3.7/5
order 2: sis: burger without bun (gluten intolerance) it tasted good to her but not the best it could have been. food rating 4.5 /5

service: very slow and disorganized, everyone there was, nobody was taking care of the diners and a mom next to use got restless and her kids were crying becuase they were hungry and thirsty and she took 20 minutes to get thier drinks and the kids were screaming loudly. I felt sorry for them becuase I was equally as frustrated at the lack of service. If I were those kids I would cry too! everyone was unorganized and they did not seem to care so much. they got my sister's drink order wrong and my coffee was icky tasting. service rating .5/5

overall rating: 1/5 if I have to have a star and .5/5 if I didn't have to have an even star rating. pathetic and one of the worst places I've ate at. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU AVOID THIS PLACE!