Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bob Evans review SS parkersburg WV 7.30.12

Bob Evans review SS parkersburg WV 7.30.12

Intro: took a bit to get seated, but greeted nice and our waiter was nice and casual and cool. Got drinks right away and set up much faster then the Lewisburg,WV location. Wifi worked better as well and was pretty fast.

Order 1 (mine): Salmon of some kind, approx $10. Very good and filling. Had great consistancy and very full taste. Came with a baked potato that also tasted much better then the lewisburg location. I'm pretty full from eating it and it was actually listed as a low-cal option so that makes it even better.

Order 2 (husband's): 3 cheese burger approx $7. it was good. Not much to report.

Service: Much better then the lewisburg, WV location. Very attentive and pretty friendly. Laid back and casual waiter and he was pretty smooth at operations. Not afraid and distant like the lewisburg waitress michelle was. Kept up my coffee very good. Cleared plates fast as well. His other tables seemed to be doing allright as well. This location is much better.

5/5 for this location. Great job.  

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