Best Western Plus Newport News Inn & Suites review for 07.19.12 stay to 07.22.12

Best Western Plus Newport News Inn & Suites review for 07.19.12 stay to 07.22.12

Stay location:Newport News, Virginia

Stay duration: 07.19.12  to 07.22.12

Room rate: 95USD/Night totalling approx 275USD

Please note: I did not do the booking, my mom did. I am unsure about total resolved (adjusted price)

hotel notes: Best Western Plus Newport News Inn & Suites

Pros: price was very low, availability, has wifi, has free breakfast,easy access to dining and shops and is a central Operations point to multiple area attractions, very easy to access offf freeway, very good layout, decent sized rooms, nice fixtures, plenty of tables, room felt secure, very courteous guests, decently fast elevator, smoking rooms are on top floor so you don't have to walk thru that if you don't smoke, well seperated rooms, responsive to wifi issues we had, changed room easy, parking was pretty decent. beds were decent, had a good bit of pillows and they were good,adequate bedding, A/C worked good, shower was nice, had a good shower curtain that curved outward so the shower curtain didn't stick to you, toilet flushed really good, very clean rooms, no smell in non-smoking rooms

Cons: slow wifi at first but resolved quickly by a call to front desk, breakfast wasn't as big as I hoped, breakfast area was very small and hectic, some corridors were too narrow, was put in smoking room by priceline and we had to switch to a non-smoking room and ended up paying 20 dollars more (priceline booking was cancelled by hotel and re ordered to be direct booking and priceline had the 20 dollar discount for the room), cleaning service was a little slow but they did a good job.


4/5 stars