Sunday, July 1, 2012

Music Quickies: Tunnel Trance Force (Tunnel)

People say that Tunnel is more consistant, however the albums must be listened as a mix and most of the songs are too short for standalone listening. Also the beats are more repetitive and it doesn't go as epic as FT's songs do.... they are more lower profile trance songs while FT goes more epic with certain songs like Nostra Terra (Can We Turn It Around) (vol 60) Pure Energy 2012 (vol 58) Opera by Matt's Mattara (vol 58) Salva Mea (vol 56), Peaktime Symphony (vol 46) The Black Pearl (vol 46) La Isla Bonita (backslash vs mikkas rmx) (vol 45) and a few others.... This is still an excellent series and it's now joined the Holy Trinity with Future Trance, and Dream Dance, since Trance Voices has taken a hiatus.

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