eat n park review 7.12.12

eat n park review 7.12.12

intro:greeted coldly took a long time to get our drinks and get setup. even though place wasnt packed at all. wierd smells around the place too. had nasty looking old deflated balloons hanging everywhere and messy smears all over the glass surfaces. bathrooms smelled a bit odd as well. place looked more unkempt that it used to.

please note: this is about my order only.

order 1: (mine): rosemary chicken. around 8.50USD. very tough and hard to eat. had a bad texture that was hard to cut with a knife. normally this is smooth, soft, and juicy. however this time around it was very hard, and full of gristle. it was bad enough it hurt my gums and i couldn't eat anymore. it tasted bland and had very little spices. it also did not have cheese topping it normally did and it only had 3 shrooms. normally it has tons... even too much at times. this tasted and looked nothing like the rosemary chicken i loved this place for.  the baked potato was bad too. it tasted wonky and the sour creame tasted like it went south. it was making me a little sick as well. my throat felt funny after eating it.

i spoke with the manager and he comped it, but had little else to say about it and he said it was how it's always been. i was dissapointed. at least i was able to make a salad at the salad bar.

service: our wairtress twila was very slow and apathetic and cold. she was avoidant and not engaging at all. it took a long time to get refills and she didnt make eye contact.

i will give then 1.7 stars. if the mgr didnt comp is it would be .5 stars. not very good going ENP. very dissapointed that you ruined my reason to go to your place.