Virginia Beach, VA denny's quick review 07.20.12

Virginia Beach, VA denny's quick review 07.20.12

intro: greeted wierdly, wasn't seated promptly and there were plenty of empty tables, our table wasn't even cleaned off very good, took a very long time just to get drinks! wifi was there but it was filtered and blocked a couple tech news forums I visit that aren't malicious or that bad. took 12 minutes to connect as well

order 1: mine: it was some kinda tilapia and it tasted good, it came with cheesy taters and they weren't all that great. food rating 3.7/5
order 2: sis: burger without bun (gluten intolerance) it tasted good to her but not the best it could have been. food rating 4.5 /5

service: very slow and disorganized, everyone there was, nobody was taking care of the diners and a mom next to use got restless and her kids were crying becuase they were hungry and thirsty and she took 20 minutes to get thier drinks and the kids were screaming loudly. I felt sorry for them becuase I was equally as frustrated at the lack of service. If I were those kids I would cry too! everyone was unorganized and they did not seem to care so much. they got my sister's drink order wrong and my coffee was icky tasting. service rating .5/5

overall rating: 1/5 if I have to have a star and .5/5 if I didn't have to have an even star rating. pathetic and one of the worst places I've ate at. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU AVOID THIS PLACE!