Denny's review for 7.11.12

Denny's review for 7.11.12

intro: got seated promptly, taken care of promptly, and my sis wanted to see if they had gluten free menus and they did! excellent! Was smooth to get as well and price was no different!

order 1:  (mine): custom skillet 8.29 USD. I got one with eggs, ham, cheese, shrooms, and BACON! it was really good! not much else to say. ;-)

order 2: (husband's): Cordon Bleu melt. 6.00 USD. Very satisfied. loved it. ;-)

order 3: (sister's): Gluten free omlette. around 6.00 USD. very satisfied. loved it even more becuase it was gluten free! ;-)

service: excellent. very attentive and she was extremely easy to deal with the aspects of the gluten free workings. name was sara. took good care of my coffee. very friendly.  manager even checked on us and was very nice about the gluten free stuff as well. great. ;-)

overall. very satisfied. 5 stars.