review for Bob Evans Lewisburg,WV 7.22.12

review for Bob Evans Lewisburg,WV 7.22.12

intro:greeted coldly watiress was slow to get our drinks and get us set up. wifi wasn't working.

order 1: (mine): chicken alfredo. it tasted like the smell of that Elmer's white school glue! it was gross. got a change to a "portabella" steak that ended up making me sick a couple hours later and I threw up the meal when I got home. (as we ate here on the return tripe from Virginia Beach and I live in Parkersburg,WV) food rating 1/5

service:Michelle was the shift leader as presented on her nametag... she WAS NOT SHIFT LEADER MATERIAL. She was very apathetic and inattentive, she let our plates pile up and the same with other table she was assigned to. She acted afraid to take our menus and looked unconfident in herself. She also was very slow with refills, she did not sem to know the menus well, and her attitude wasn't very welcoming. We did get the order switched fine, however the resolution wasn't satisfactory, as I still got sick. service rating 1/5

Please note: Corporate has been notified. Called Guest relations at 7.23.12 at 1:23PM and they will address this.

overall rating: 1/5

recommended: NO!