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Wall Of shame : New site feature: Episode 1: Theranos

Theranos is one of those that literally put lives at risk.If you don't know how Theranos is they claimed to have invented a "minilab" device the size of a desktop PC that claimed to do hundreds of blood tests from a few drops of blood from a finger prick vs 2-3 vials intervenously.

The reality is the device could barely do a dozen tests properly with not much accuracy and the machines would break down, get blood everywhere, contaminate samples, etc.

 The company got deal with wallgreens to have "wellness centers" with the machines. They ended up not working, and millions of test results were voided. Peoples lives were at risk because the tests weren't conducted properly and would give erroneous results.

They got a buncha celeb board members from govt officials, and everyone but any legit medical scientists on purpose because Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos knew that if they did there would be lots of doubt and demand to fix the machines she couldn't …

Realtek WLAN driver page RANT

Ok, they used to have a direct download link to obtain the WLAN driver. very easy, click to download. painless. yeah the site looked windows 2000 era, however I don't care. just give me a functioning download page!

Now you gotta navigate thru their bloated site, find your driver, be presented with a "agree to terms" tick mark, enter your email, and wait for a friggin email. Then you get the email, have only 5 MINUTES to get into the email, and then click the link and be taken to A CAPTCHA PAGE! and then you wait for the download!

what if you're on a slower computer and it takes more than 5 minutes to even load the email!? Or you are doing this on a client's pc and you don't want to login your email on someone else's computer?

Did reaktek even think this thru? nope. they wanna be able to have a bloated but pretty site that's script heavy and has a lot of server load on just a pretty site and then throttle the dowloads.

Why not just have a simple site t…