Monday, August 13, 2012

Applebee's Review for Marietta OH 8.13.12

Applebee's Review for Marietta OH 8.13.12

Intro: wait time was longer then the last couple visits to the Vienna, WV location. The place seems to be a lot more busy after the Reply Guy thing. LOL. Reply guy is awesome!!! Anyways, it was about 10 minutes which is not too bad. Stuff moved along fast. Greeted nicely and attended to not as fast as the Vienna location, however still decent.

Order 1 and 2 (2 for 20 with Boneless wings and Chicken Penne for both of us) We both liked it. Adam (my husband) liked his better then the Blackened Rosemary chicken. I liked mine a lot too, however it could use a little more cheese! The boneless wings were good too, however the sweet and sour ones were way too spicy. So I tried Adam's honey BBQ ones and I normally hate hate hate BBQ anything..... well Applebee's really got something right if I really really liked mine! Extra points for that one! ;-)

Service: decently prompt but not blazingly quick like last 2 visits. Place was busy and everyone including me, Adam, sis, and other people online were having an off day so I am gonna forgive that. Our waiter still did a good job and we had the manager even check on us a couple times and his vibes seemed nice, but I can tell he was a bit tired... LOL. Understandable. ;-)

Overall I was gonna give it a 4.5 stars, however I will give the Marietta,oh Applebee's a 5 because they made me like BBQ again.... But I'm only gonna get their BBQ stuff everyone else's sucks. LOL.

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