Wierd Stuff---->Jurassic Park 4?

Yes there might be....

I hope they don't butcher it, problem is Michael Crichton died a while ago....
This might be awkward as hell.

Let's see if they ruin it....

here's a description from wikipedia

Jurassic Park III director Joe Johnston revealed in an interview in January 2010 that Jurassic Park IV was set to be the beginning of a second Jurassic Park trilogy. He also added, “Jurassic Park 4 is going to be unlike anything you’ve seen.” Johnston says once he finishes Captain America, he hopefully will develop Jurassic Park IV with Steven Spielberg. Joe Johnston enthusiastically has confirmed the likelihood of the film's production more than once. On June 15th 2011, it was reported that Steven Spielberg has been brainstorming with writer Mark Protosevich on a film that happens to be the fourth film in the franchise. It is unclear whether it is a reboot or the fourth installment of the original series.

I am still shocked how the damn movie companies are making only remakes and sequels instead of some awesome original movies. I can't stand to watch American films/tv anymore it's so played out. Oh well it saves me money!

The onyl stuff worth watching is older movies and Japanese anime.