Longhorn steakhouse review for 10.23.11

Longhorn steakhouse review for 10.23.11

we drove a long time (almost 2 hours from our current location) to go here.... welll we had a business trip over here and it's almost worth the drive on its own!

Anyways after a long blissful trip over there (but the day was a little rough before the trip LOL)

we made it here and were seated quick and we ordered some coffees me and my sister both got coffee. They didn't have enough sugar packets though so we asked for those and they gave us some and we had our coffee however we asked another time for our second cups and we didn't have enough creame that time so it was kinda funny that we asked for a lot of sugar, however it was not a problem for our wiatress! She catered to it just fine....

then we waited a bit but not too l0ng (apprx 20 minutes) for our food and we chowed down....

I ordered a portabella mushroom chicken and it tasted different... not as deep flavored as the other version but it was more zesty and spicy... kinda good but not the same... LOL.... my loaded baked potato was great though!....

my sister got a small steak and it was a bit different tasting but still good. Her mashed taters were fine, but the gravy was wonky.

Our waitress was very attentive and was fine with our weird coffee demands in the process.

It came time to pay the bill and we wanted to give feedback to the manager, she got him, we waited a while to speak with him, however he came and we addressed the problems and he told us they changed suppliers for the chicken and that the older supplier was inconsistent with portions and quality... so they changed from one to the other.... then sis addressed the steak tasting different, and he explained they changed some of the process.... that was fine with us... and we talked about how we wanted a longhorn at our current location and he said there were plans and we were excited and he was happy with that as well. LOL... after some more discussions about some other things we said he'd give us a gift card and gave us one with 40 bucks on it!!!! That was FANTASTIC AND AWESOME OF HIM TO DO THAT!!!! I am very pleased with his handling our situation and we didn't even ask for compensation at all! AMAZING JOB!!!!

I was going to give them 3.5 stars for this visit, however the manager's handling of it all and the waitress was very good with our coffee demands and our food makes this visit a 5 star visit!!!!!!!!!!

Loving Longhorn even more!!