Was Steve Jobs assassinated?

That's what this un named source that is close to Steve says:

Please note! The views in this quote are not mine, therefore I shall not be responsible for anything that may arise from this. Please read at your own discretion and use safe judgement. I have simply posted this because it's intriguing the hell out of me and I found this on a tech forum I shall not name. Thank you. 

"Steve Jobs was assassinated
Steve Jobs' death was not an accident. The cures for many forms of cancer exist in the hands of the chosen few, yet at the same time cancer is used as a tool of assassination by those same people.

Steve Jobs was assassinated because he refused to comply with the direction given to him by the banker assholes that control nearly every country in the world.

Despite their attempts to kill him, Jobs managed to survive six years beyond their expectations thanks to his wealth and tenacity.

And as his health was failing due to the weaponized pancreatic cancer virus consumed his life essence, his company continued to thrive under his steadfast direction.

In the waning days of Steve Jobs' life, Al Gore rubbed their victory in Jobs' face with his uncalled for disclosure of the now released new iPhones, violating a longstanding policy of secrecy established by Steve Jobs. Jobs was also disrespected in his meeting with Obama where he, one of the very few true titans in the computer industry, had to sit on Obama's left while little Markie Zuckerberg, the worthless founder of the fad-of-the-day website, Facebook, occupied the chosen spot to Obama's right.

Say what you will about Steve Jobs. He was a man of the flesh like us all, and he made plenty of mistakes as we all do, but he lived life by striving relentlessly to pursue his own sense of what is right.

Some of that virtue is reflected in Pixar, the animation studio led by Jobs that refused to produce soul-sucking garbage.

Steve Jobs continued to pursue and espouse human virtue. His movie studio, Pixar, produced works that elevated the human heart during a time when mass media had been weaponized to destroy our souls.

Unlike his nemesis, Bill Gates, Jobs refused to contribute to or endorse their genocidal programs. While the Gates Foundation fanatically supports the UN's Third World vaccination efforts that Gates recently boasted would reduce global population (and at a time when it had become known that the UN WHO-backed vaccines have been responsible for the sterilization and death of many people all over the world), when confronted by the same evil banker overlords who told him he was not doing enough to further their interests, Jobs terminated all of Apple's "philanthropic" programs.

Jobs was not going to play ball with them and he paid the price like Sam Walton, George Harrison and David Carradine while monsters like Dick Cheney ghoulishly stalk the planet with no pulse.

Good bye, Steve Jobs. You left us just as things are getting interesting. Rest in peace knowing that the details of your death will in time be fully revealed. "