Shoney's review for 10.22.11

Shoney's review for 10.22.11

when we first got in it was kinda packed but not too bad the manager seated us and we wanted to sit away from other people and smells and he picked a good spot. We wanted to sit on the other side of the buffet but he told us the fishy smell was bad so he put us in the front part away from the “smelly fish” LOL. He was talking about how he hated the smell of fish LOL.

The waitress was very attentive at first and it did take a while to get my coffee that I ordered (regular) because they were still brewing.... my sister got a decaf and got it quick though.

Took her an average time to get to our orders and gave us plenty time to choose.

She checked on our coffee a lot at first and then she got more and more slow.

We waited a good bit for our food though... I ordered a steak and their new seafood bar and the seafood was ok... not the best though.... I had shrimp, shrip with fried rice, fake crab meat, and salmon. I also had clams but they weren't that great and even this hyper little girl said they weren't all that great to my sister when she was prowling the buffet looking for butter for my baked potato. The calms were too dry and crunchy for my tastes. Those were the things the manager said he didn't like LOL.

My steak was pretty good for a Shoney's steak. Didn't need any A1 which was good.

My sister's sandwich was ok. But her mashed potatoes were too dry on the outside for her to eat.

At the end when we went to pay our bill the manager was there to take care of it and he asked us how it went and we gave him some feedback and he asked how the visit was good and we gave him compliments on the seafood bar and them trying something new. Then he asked us what was bad and we told him about the taters and the clams and he laughed about the clams and gave us 10% off the total ticket! He was smooth with it and gave it easily. Very nice. He was really nice about the whole thing.

I was going to give the place 2.5 stars, however the manager made up for it at the end so I will leave it with a 4 star rating.