Time for Tech--->Can nintendo be saved?

A popular Japanese-based game console company is facing new competitors as well as old adversaries in the game industry. It releases a new console product with with some revolutionary features. But despite the superiority of the product, the general public decides to move to other platforms, even when the company cuts the price of the console drastically.

They also keep releasing new DS's over and over. the original DS, the DS lite, the DSi, and now the 3DS.  The wii has little hardcore games.

 launch day wii owner here and my wii is now collecting dust.

most of the games were gimmacky and cheap feeling.

very few hardcore games were made for the wii. I own 8 games and I have no interest in playing them anymore. they wore out quick,

the one I got the most enjoyment out of was elebits and zelda twlight princess. the rest I didn't care for that much.

sonic and the secret rings was fun but tiring... the motion controls were broken on it and it was rushed I think. had great music and visuals though.

dewy's adventure was very cute and nice but it felt like a pinball game and just got annoying.

super mario galaxy was awesome too but i'm tired of mario games. too predictable for me.

I think if nintendo would have made the wii in HD and had better games as a result they wouldn't be faced with these financial issues.

also nintendo is very closed with thier deve platforms the devs don't have full access to the hardware and software as much as nintendo  themselves does. they lock things down quite a bit.

also if nintendo would make a gaming tablet that would help them out. it would have the motion features, nvidia tegra hardware or better, and run android or a custom version of windows 8 or something it would be nice. but android would be better, as they can get into more devices that way since lots of people have droids.  I would get a gaming tablet if one had as good graphics or better then the machine I have as well as good battery life.