Aqua-Megalomania expanded review

1. Playmate To Jesus 4:48 (5* for sound and 4.5* for lyrics)-This is my fav song on here. Upbeat, happy, and deeper then most mainstream pop-dance music. puts me in an exploration-type mood with some of the space lyrics. I love the happy-dark vibe on this one!
2. Dirty LIttle Pop Song 3:51 (4.5* for sound and 3* for lyrics)-Feel good simple pop-song with uplift and great for crusin around town. This is great for city-night driving or going fast down the highway-motorway! I love the fast beat to this!
3. Kill Myself 3:31 (5* for sound and 2* for lyrics)-Very pretty and airy sounding and I love the way this sounds.... but the lyrics involve a chick wanting to kill themselves for their lover! OMG!!!
4. Like A Robot 3:39   (4* for sound and 3* for lyrics)-to most people the use or the F word is un-needed, however it gives Aqua a very new twist and it's there for the shock factor. I do love the beat though.
5. Viva Las Vegas 3:24 (skipped)-will give a listen later
6. No Party Patrol 3:22 (4.3* for sound and 3* for lyrics)-skipped it before becuase of the title but I love the beat! wierd lyrics though.... really....
7. Come N’ Get It 3:27 (3* for sound and 3* for lyrics)-happy and upbeat and good for the dance floor, not much explanation needed.
8. Sucker For A Superstar 3:20 (3* for sound and 2* for lyrics)- "Sucker For A Superstar" was the worst track on there.... I'm tired of the played out "VIP" in "da club" " i'm a superstar".... crap...... it's so worn out.
9. Be My Saviour Tonight 3:18 (5* for sound and 4* for lyrics)-In love with this one... beautifully uplifting and perfect for a blissfull evening. almost gave me a chill because the fast pacing and the way it sounds.... the growly guy did great in his part LOL. I also got the exploration vibe from this one!
10. How R U Doin?3:23 (5* for sound and 4.5* for lyrics)-great for a sunny day and puts you in a happy mood. it was a great idea for this song to be the first single. great first impression of the new Aqua. the beat is also very straight forward and the song is great for working to actually.
11. If The World Didn’t Suck (We Would All Fall Off)3:21 (3.5* for sound and 2.5* for lyrics)-the sound is ok on this one but it doesn't fit with Aqua at all for some reason. This song was kinda supposed to be for an indie group for some reason. I guess that's why they chose it but it doesn't really fit with the other tracks. It's a nice change though. Weird lyrics.