The last time you were at bob evans?

The very last time I was at bob evans..... It was a very hectic day and a very traumatising one. I was going to go to the hospital becuase my baby niece was sick really badly at children's in columbus, and we were going to go see her, along the way we stopped in pickerington, oh for a bite to eat along the way.

We chose Bob Evans becuase we were familiar with the name and the place wasn't as crowded as the others becuase there was some biker event going on and all the eating places were crowded!

We entered and the place was very packed, but we were promptly seated and taken care of, however the food order took a very long time to come, waiting a long time for the food to come, we were kinda nervous about my niece, and then when it finally came It was time to indulge in my pork chop and mashed taters.

The Mashed potatoes were excellent and made me feel better, but the pork chops were another story, they tasted fine and the texture was ok, till I bit in the middle, it set off my gag reflex, as well as the crowds and the hectic vibe. I was struggling to hold it in the keep eating, however I could not anymore. The bathrooms were packed and I did not want to throw up in the sink.

I ran outside and puked off the balcony, picture this: The classic wild west scene with the drunk person puking off the saloon balconies..... this was me, but with pork chops instead of wiskey.

I eventually got it all out and went back in, told mom about it, she laughed, and we got the check and left.

Then we went to the hospital and got to see my niece but she wasn't being treated very well at the hospital, sadly. But she eneded up being ok!

Visit data:

Date:  February 2004 (approx) (This is the most recent visit to bob evans I have)
Place: Pickerington, OH
Meal:  Pork Chops and Mashed Potatoes
Time:  Late Evening