Time for tech--->Do you STILL trust Microsoft to build antivirus support into Windows 8?

OK... Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 will have built in Anti-virus client.

This sounds really cool because you don't have to worry about messing with installing anti-virus anymore right.....

wrong! You still have to worry because Microsoft Security Essentials has declared Google chrome as a Trojan!

Earlier today, we learned that the Microsoft Security Essentials tool began falsely identifying Google Chrome as a piece of malware (”PWS:Win32/Zbot”) and removing it from people’s computers.

Lots of people are using Google Chrome. (I, however use and prefer Firefox though)

This is also a weird piece of news....

IE's market share has fallen the most in a long time.... Google's is increasing

They totally did this on purpose to get less people to use chrome by making it a trojan in MSE.

This is very pathetic of MS and something an angsty teen would do, not a professional software company.

Also what about people that want to use alternate media players like j-river media center, Foobar2000, winamp, itunes, etc..... microsoft might try to kill those too is not enough people use windows media player or zune!

Same with office software! They might kill openoffice/Libre office the same way too.... Lots of people get openoffice becuase it's free instead of paying around 200 bucks to get MS office!

That is very scary that they can do that.