Remixedcat's Restaurant Response report 2010-2012 Released!

Remixedcat's Restaurant Response report  2010-2012 has been released!

This is a measure of select chain restaurants on how they perform with local location contacting corporate response time on official website feedback and resolving issues!

This is the first category--->Casual Sit-Down chains

The following companies are reviewed:

Longhorn SteakHouse
Ponderosa SteakHouse
Ryan's Buffet
Western Sizzlin

Please note this does not reflect the quality of the restaurant. This is just for response time and a measure of service only.

A detailed master report will be released next month encompassing all the yummy or nasty details of the food quality.

Please click here to access the .pdf file or please click here (print friendly) click here (pretty one) to access a .png file

Thank you for visiting and we hope that the report is infomative and helpful!