time for awesomes--->Campbell River boy, 12, delivers his own baby brother

Campbell River boy, 12, delivers his own baby brother

Wow this is freaking AWESOME!!!! This 12 year old boy delivered his baby brother!

Gaelan Edwards snuck out of bed to watch TV and instead he got a new baby brother!

I find it interesting his name is Gaelan. Galen of Pergamon was a great Greek physician ~1800 years ago :)

I will quote this from the original article:

"Danielle Edwards, 30, said in a telephone interview that she woke about 2 a.m. to find herself in labor with the baby's head already beginning to crown. "I didn't go through any of the preliminary labor pains," she said. "None of it."

Unable to walk or reach the telephone, she rolled onto her back and noticed the TV on in the other room. Figuring it was her oldest son, she said, "Gaelan, I need you to come over here."

"It was like a springboard; he sat straight up, came and stood in the doorway area to my room. He put his hands on his hips and said, 'Mom, this is not going to be an at-home baby.'"

Then he saw the top of the baby's head and went straight to his mother's side.

"I said, 'Gaelan, when I push next, I need you to grab the baby by the shoulders and I need you to pull him out.' And he — just like by instinct, I couldn't even believe it — grabbed the baby by the shoulders, with the head on his wrist, and eased him out, kind of wriggled him from side to side, and pulled him onto the bed."

Danielle then watched as her oldest son went to the kitchen and came back with scissors and a clamp normally used to seal plastic bags. He clamped the cord, cut it, and helped his mother push out the placenta.

"He was amazing," Danielle said. "He helped me put the baby on my tummy, then he went and grabbed a blanket and helped me wrap the baby ... It was like he knew."

Once satisfied that his brother was safe, Gaelan got on the telephone and called one of Danielle's friends to take her and her new son, Caynan Edwards-Strong, to the hospital, where both were pronounced in good health.

Gaelan was initially unavailable for comment Monday, because he was out riding his bike. But he said in a later telephone interview that he learned everything from watching television and reading medical books that his mother owns. The last book he read was about midwives.

"Mom, I knew she was going to go into labor any day," he said. "Like, it was over the due date, so I'm like, 'Oh, whatever, I'll start reading these books.' . . . I've been reading medicine books for a few years now."

Gaelan, who is set to start Grade 7 this fall, said his first thought on Saturday was, "'Holy crud! This is really happening.'" But after that, he was "pretty calm" and focused. "I'm surprised that I actually did it."

Danielle, too, was at a loss to explain her son's poise except to say that he's always been a reader and curious about how things work. "We have a very blunt and honest family," she said. "So they ask me questions and I answer them."

Even so, she was stunned and proud of Gaelan's ability to keep his head in a situation where many would have panicked. "He's just this amazing little guy," she said."