Review for western sizzlin 08.09.11

Review for western sizzlin 08.09.11

This place is off the beaten path a ways but it was still easy to access from US50.

The parking seemed to be ok but a little packed in too much. Could have used wider parking spots.

The area you first walked into could be spaced a little better and had both cash registers spaced further apart so the two cashiers could work more efficiently and there would be faster movement. They seemed to be ok at getting us in but seemed a little off for some reason.

The décor was nice and the layout of the place was ok.

We seated ourselves and were taken care of promptly. Our meals came to us very quickly.

I ordered a sirloin with a baked potato. The sirloin did taste very watered down and it needed tons of A1 to make it edible. The baked potato was really good. I got sour cream and cheese from the baked potato bar.

My husband got a chopped steak and he was satisfied with it. He also got a baked potato and he like it too and made it like I did.

My mom just got a house salad.

My sister got a junior version of the sirloin and hers came out too pink so she had to get a new one, it wasn't all that great either it was watered down like mine was. He mashed potatoes were too lumpy and dry and the gravy didn't taste very good. All she wanted was regular brown gravy and this place does not have it. There was no regular brown gravy That made her upset and so was I. I am very sensitive to limput potatoes and I would not want to try those. I would prolly puke them up LOL. They had 3 kinds of lumps, dry limps, uncooked lumps, and unmashed lumps. LOL. I kinda gagged thinking about that!

In order to fix out steaks we did request some seasoning, however it still didn't make it all that great. I would not get the steaks here.

Our watress was ok and prompt but not very personal.

Overall I would give the place 3.5 stars. The resoning is that the steaks were watered down and that's the focal point of the place and the service, even though extremely prompt, wasn't very personal. The pricing was quite high for the lack of quality for the sirloin.

Recommendation: good quick place for a baked potato and salad for lunch, or a cheap chopped steak, however the main course of the place leaves much to be desired.