"The worlds best restaurant" closes it's doors

"The worlds best restaurant" closes it's doors......

El Bulli, owned by award-winning chef Ferran Adria, will mark the end of a remarkable 27-years with a special sitting for staff and their families

A Spanish restaurant repeatedly voted the best in the world has served its final dish to the public and is closing its doors for the last time

They are only open 6 months out of the year.

Apperantly they were not really turning a profit.

that would explain the not turning a profit thing...

businesses that are restrictive hours are the same as well.

several local businesses had to shut down in my area becuase nobody came to buy stuff... they were only open during regular business hours, a time where not very many working people can show up to buy stuff.

the places with expansive hours tend to do better since they can make more money from the evening traffic and rush after work. peak shopping times in my locale are from 2pm-10:30PM. Any time before that is dead. so therefore the businesses see only 2.5-3 busy hours a day.

for a clothes place, for example, would be best opened from 11:30AM till 10PM. many do this and they are more stable, however there were a few clothing places opened from only 9AM-5PM and they never did well around my area. Many of them would close doors and those same slots at the mall would rotate a lot from shops that had the more restrictive hours. Specially ones targeted at teens. Most teens go to the mall around 7:30-close.

I know it costs more to have expansive hours, however you have more chances to make more money. If you have rest. biz. hrs and people that would have bought your products, would just go to another place that was open, make thier purchase, and you lost the sale.

a high class romantic eatery would be best having hours from 2:30PM-10:30PM or later rather then having hours from 9:30-6:00PM Many people crave that nicer fancy atmosphere at night rather then during the day.

Taco bell should be open from lunch till at least 5:00AM. Most people crave tacos at night. However, they close at 10:00PM here and I crave them between the hours of 1:00AM-3:30AM. Most people love tacos at nite. late nite.

I think businesses need to re-adjust to the ever changing sleep and work schedules of modern people. as well as re-strategize the hours. depending on the industry.

Also many people have to take off work to get things done like docs offices, car repair, etc. those places need to expand their hours so people don't have to take off work to go to them.

If less people take off work they will have more money to shop and take care of biz. More money to circulate.

This issue is so often overloooked.