Time for Tech--->youtube's new "cosmic panda" layout--->my take

Youtube's new "Cosmic Panda" Layout is here. 

Ok here are the issues I have with the 'cosmic panda' layout on youtube:

This is the "cosmic panda" layout from youtube

First impressions:

the channel d0esn't allow you to play vids directly from it like the old layout.
this requires more steps to watch people's vids be referencing username.

also to view playlists requires more steps as well, and you cannot view those from the channel either


also I do not like the new playlist access method, you can not have it in a nice vertical list that displays more info about the videos on the side.

all it does is have a tiny side scrolling list that just has thumbnails and you have to hover over each one for the video info and it doesn't show as much info as the old layout.

I also don't think it utilizes widscreen layouts good enough for the main video pages. there is lots of empty space that could be used for more info or related

videos.  also the side panel that does have related videos, the thumbnails are too big and wasteful.

Comments and conversations:

I do have to say that following converstations are better with the layout, however the feedback (like and dislike) are not very good to be seperate. people are used to having the thumbs up and thumbs down right next to eachother.

Channel design:

Also I don't see enough options for branding. I want to choose my own color scheme for my channel instead of just a background and a white body. I would like to have a black or dark purple body and white text colors. I had that with the last layout, however this is more limiting.

now aestetic wise it's great and I like the dark player design as it has the "dim the lights" effect, allowing the user to have more focus on the videos. I like the

dark button touches as well. I like the fluidity of the layout and the genral feel to it.

If the issues I have noted above are addressed cosmic panda would work fine.