Time for tech---->Firefox 5 Kiosk mode

Enabling Kiosk mode for Firefox 5:

try this with fullscreen mode:

direct download links: (right click and save as...)

kioskfox 0.4


save the add-on .xpi to your desktop you must navigate to the addons page (not using the addon browser, but going to the ff addons site) and right click on the download button>save as> save the xpi file then:
rename the .xpi to .zip
open the zip and extract the install.rdf
open the install.rdf with any text editor
find 4.0.* could be any version number
edit to 5.0.*
save and put back in zip overwriting the original and save zip
rename .zip back to .xpi
open firefox and "install add-on from file" find modified .xpi

now you'd follow the procedure I've noted above to get those addons to work.