Noise Prompts Pennsylvania Restaurant to Ban Kids Under 6

A restaurant in western Pennsylvania says it's no longer allowing children under age 6

The thing is all it does is alienate their potential customers... lots of people have kids and you can't avoid it. Why sacrifice your business at that expense? I can understand if the place was upper scale and required reservations and served a full bar of alcohol...
but a regular golf course restaurant isn't that big of a deal.

I've heard also of terrible things Buffets inc did to a breastfeeding mother by kicking her out of old country buffet! baby's gotta eat too. most BF moms are discreet and nice about it and then some perv that shouldn't be looking at a BF mom for long enough to be annoyed complains and starts ****. . and most places are big enough for if people don't like what they see they can move to another table..

and people want the BF moms to go to the bathroom instead.... but there's so many germs and bad things there... would you wanna eat in a bathroom? hell no.

upscale places I can understand though... where you pay 50USD+ for a steak or 25USD+ for a pasta dinner it's upscale... but that place's prices are average and the atmoshere is average...

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